02 September 2011

Cards for the nephews

Yep, we have five nephews, so I needed five cards. 

I was making one for Lachlan for next weekend and then I decided to keep going and  make some more. I had all the stuff out afterall and was on a roll.   

Here's Lachlan's - he's turning two. 

This one's for Jack who'll be turning ten next March. 

Used October Afternoon's Rocket Age and Papertrey Ink's rocket die and stamp set. Ten dollars (USD) total. Great value. 

This third one's for Casey who will be four in April. 

(The yellowing on the left edge there is the paper. I'm not a fan of all the distressing that's on everything nowadays. It's just too much for me. OA does some distressing on their papers, usually it's okay. If it's too much for me, I'll cut it off. Didn't cut this bit off because it was fine when I made it. Photos make different things show up)

This fourth one's for Joey who will be two in January. 

His birthday is on the 11th, straight after Christmas. Gotta be organised, it comes up like a rocket. 

He got two trucks because he'll be two. I used another truck to fill the space actually :o)

Pretty proud of myself that I actually stamped. I don't mind a bit of stamping, I'm just not into the colouring. 

This one's for Luke who will be 17 next May. 

He wouldn't be seen driving any of those cars. And the bus? Phhooosh. Not a chance. 

I'm such a fan of October Afternoon (as if you already didn't know) - their stuff really floats my boat. It all mixes and matches and just works for me and my style. I've been using up my older stuff lately -Seaside, Campfire etc to make all the journalling cards for my albums. And to make these cards too. It's been good.  

Made all these cards at my scrap cabinet in the living room again. Go me. Might be the start of a new thing. 

Okay, hope you enjoyed the cards, have a great weekend!


  1. Love these boy cards Deb, you are organised now.

  2. Just realised I need to make matching envelopes! Will do that today...


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