16 August 2011

Something else I made...

...for another family dinner.

A 70th family dinner, in fact.

This one was a biggie.

Double-sided and layered.

What would I do without my kitchen bench?

I made the glittered doilies there too. It's my default crafting place for big things...

I based the banner on the Hello dangly thing I made for the June show. Liked the colours and all that, so I decided to go with a version of it. Changed the pink to red.

I'm pretty methodical with big things like this.

Work out the colours.

Work out the order of the colours.

Work out the shapes.

Even though I was copying something, I still had to tweak the banner. Always happens when I change even just one thing.

The heart was a Sizzix die too.

The big circle was from my trusty CM circle cutters and I just used my trimmer to cut the squares. The small circle is a punch, of course.

In typical Masterchef style, I had a couple of problems I had to overcome.

I won't go into the details, but you know how it is...you have an idea, you get to work on it, you hit an unexpected roadblock that you have to shift and you come out tops in the end. Hopefully!

What it usually equals is more mucking around with colours, the order of them and basic creative thinking. Yes?

And note the cream card used to help hold the string in place? Hold that thought...

It was a 70th party, so I made six of these to hang from either ends of the banner.

Should've made seven?

Nah, six is even...three on each side...

Here it is at the party...sorry, babe, caught you unawares.

You can see the 70s hanging down the sides here.

There are two banners - one on each side of the opening.

Got that thought about the cream card? It glared at me all night. Would've been better if I had used coloured card to match each letter. Rats.

Other people don't notice these things, but we do. We know when we could've made it better and not burnt the jus.

Here's the banner over at PC.

The cream backs don't matter here. Good.

I love the wall of dies...it's one of my two favourite walls in the store. I don't have to tell you what my other favourite wall is...

Okay now, peeps. Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the winter sunshine...I know I am. It's been glorious this year.

I'll finish with a pic of one other little thing I made at PC. A lot of people don't know that you can cut the dies with lots of different materials. Steel rule dies (the big thick ones) are my fav because they cut the most stuff.

There's acetate, bubble wrap, pizza box cardboard, thick chipboard, felt, fabric, cork, tulle and plastic on that there string. It looks a little Christmassy, but it's not supposed to be.

Anyway, bye for now.

Talk soon :o)

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