12 August 2011

Just something I made...

...for a family dinner.

Since it was the middle of winter, I went with a snowflakey type theme. I actually thought of using snowflakes, but the punches would've been too small.

I had a flash of inspiration and decided to go with white doilies. Mine are all die-cuts, but you could use paper doilies from the shops too...although they might not stand up to all the gluing and glitter.

(Dies from Papertry Ink and My Favourite Things)

For an extra glittery touch I used Martha Stewart's Glow-in-the-dark glitter to make 'em...well, glow-in-the-dark :o)

I saw the glitter on our Photo Continental stand when I was at the June craft show and knew I'd get it for the decs for the family dinner coming up.

Love when I see something. Love when I love it. Love when I instantly know how I'll use it. Saves the guilt of purchasing because I know it'll be used!

Anyway, pretty fun. And they didn't take too long to make.

Andrew actually helped me cut out the doilies, but I did the gluing and glittering myself because he went to soccer.

Pretty funny - Andrew was using the Cuttlebug and he was like, "Why isn't this sticking (to the bench)?" He immediately closed it up, opened it again to make it suction to the bench and then kept using it. I chuckled - the man knows how to use the machine...

Here are the pics of the finished decs.

No, not a lot of colour - it's winter...winter's like that. Well, sorta. Not so much here in Queensland, but still I went with a mild colour theme.

This one was hard to take because of the fluro above.

You get the idea - hanging doilies from the light. The light cover is held by three prongs and the strings are hanging from the prongs.

When gluing I used a sticker sheet backer thing (slippery surface), so the doilies wouldn't stick.

The glue I used was Sparkle Mod Podge actually (applied with a foam brush). I've had it for quite a while and never used it. Was really pretty on it's own - if the doilies were just covered in that it would've been nice. I went for the Sparkle in case the glitter didn't cover the whole surface, but it did.

I rolled out some baking paper and transferred the glittered doilies onto that to dry. Worked really well.

I only glittered one side of the strung doilies which meant they got tied tight, so they couldn't rotate around (didn't want everyone to see the gluey backs).

The hanging ones got glittered on both sides.

Honestly it was really easy to do and I'd do it again in a peep.

Don't need to because they're still hanging up, but if I needed to, I would and it'd be quickity sticks.

When it came to showing our guests their glow-in-the-dark feature Andrew got everyone to close their eyes.

We turned the lights off and then charged them a bit more with our torches. We walked along and gave them all a few seconds of torch light.

Then...he told them to open their eyes.

We all ooohed and ahhed together. Nice.

One thing is - you can't see their reactions because it's dark!

So, the snowflakey, glittery, glow-in-the-dark doilies were a hit.

Hmmm, I think I spy a theme...

Yep, there is.

Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, don't you reckon?

Putting those wall lights in that area was one of the best things I ever did. From a lighting standpoint and a crafting one :o)

This is what the bottle of glitter looks like.

And here's a vid on You Tube to show you what it looks like in the dark...

Get some...it's fun.

Oh yes, if you drop some on the floor when you're glittering, just turn the lights off and you'll be able to sweep it up in no time, ha ha.

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