18 August 2011

Mum's bag

Hi there,

Just a quick share today.

I bought this cute bag years ago at a market and I've had it on my craft room door ever since. I've never actually used the thing, but I love it anyway. Worth the price of admission if you ask me. I just like looking at it.

Evidently my mum liked it too because she saw it again recently and it inspired her to make her own version.

Hers is a bit bigger because she made it as a crochet bag - mine's smaller than an A4 piece of paper.

Mum's has the extra addition of a crocheted flower. Nice job, Mum.

Nice bag too.

She said she had to take another pre-made bag at home apart to see how to make the base for hers. The things you do when you don't have a pattern. Don't have to tell me...

Doing any crochet or similar at your house?

Just wanted to share ours.

Have a great day!


  1. Such a beautiful bag. Funny enough,I have also been making bags,poochie bags,also crochet ones. That and felties have been my passion for the past few weeks. Love it all. getting my xmas gift list ready and making little pieces for that. I think hand made prezzies made with love are the best.
    Still itching to get into my scrapbooking but its too cold :at the back of the house". Its freezing in NZ right now and I am hibernating ib the lounge room by the heat pump. Always great to read yr blog. Thank you. Dee

  2. Hi Dee,
    All your sewing crafts sound fun. I've seen felties before - they look cute. Wow, you've started on your Christmas stuff, good for you. We have too, but it was from the toy shop for the nephews. Just worked out that way this year. I heard about your cold snap over there, no wonder the scrapping's been ignored - I wouldn't scrap in the cold either. Thanks for your comment, glad you're doing well. Debra :o)


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