19 August 2011

One for the boys...

...the little boys.

Or the big boys really.

Any boys, they're not fussy about their cards.

This is where your square punches come into their own. You can cut them, but punching them is easier because they'll be exactly the same size. Not so when I use a trimmer.

And it's also where mounting tape comes into its own too. I absolutely and completely love mounting tape and  wouldn't make a punch art card without it really. Would you? Are you as sold as I am?

Made this pic bigger for you so you can see the pen detail - the dots, commas and the gold bits.

The fish is a Candy punch with one end taken off - just in case you didn't know.

Okay, well enjoy - I'm going to share another boy card soon...I think I'm going to share a few boy things actually...

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