10 August 2011

Another daisy card...or two...

...but this time using daisy buttons as I call them. 

Circles (lots of sizes) and daisies - two types of punches - it's amazing what you can do. 

The bigger circles are an 1/8 of an inch apart. 3/4" on 7/8" or 7/8" on 1" depending on the size of your daisy punch. 

The little circles are 3/16". 

And the swirl is hand drawn. 

I think I'm going to try Copic Multiliners as another black pen option. A good black pen is essential to doing nice pen detail.  

The daisy buttons also look good all lined up.

Nice and easy. 

On page 10 of my first book I put three in a row by themselves, but later I decided five on a card would be nice. I've pumped out a few of these in my time. 


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