08 August 2011

Papers + Vegemite

Hi there,

Just wondering - do you pick and choose from lines, or do you buy the whole thing?

I do a bit of both.

Most lines I pick and choose from, but if it's Oct Arvo, I tend to buy the whole thing. By that I mean the paper bits - labels, stickers, patterned papers etc. I don't buy the stamps and buttons and all those bits.

I also like that Oct Arvo has 8 x 8 pads, which means I can get the whole line without having to buy all the big sheets. I did that with Rocket Age because it was more of a boy line, but I still liked the papers and wanted a few.

Anyway, just thought I'd do a pick and choose from the new Crate Paper lines. They have three called Farmhouse, Random and Peppermint.

Here's what I'd buy...and why.

Peppermint Collection

Love the red and white - I do like that colour combo for Christmas. Might be good in a Dec Daily (don't know if I'm doing one).

Like all the little To and From tags on this one. 

I'd cut 'em up and use them as embellishments. 

Again with the red and white.

Oct Arvo had a peppermint paper similar to this a couple of years ago and I liked it a lot.

Sometimes I love papers when I see them and then have a hard time using them.

And sometimes I'm a bit take-it-or-leave-it with another paper and then it becomes one of my favs because it works with everything when I'm actually scrapping.

Happen to you?

Like the label stickers on the right there.

They'd be used in scrapping. I'm thinking scrapping for all these papers and bits.

Fab letters.

The little word labels are cute too.

Farmhouse Collection

Hello? Cute labels. I'd cut them up and use a couple together.

Measuring tapes - well, that's just cool.

And red and white again - nice.

None of these papers I'm showing you would be used as a 12 x 12.

Two words...

Cut up.

Like the apples, not so sure about the scallops around them.

Lined paper would be used for journalling - prob on top of the apple paper.


Since I use Becky's page protectors from Project Life - these would be great to slip into the pockets for decoration and journalling (all my scrapping is done in divided page protectors - I use all brands).

Cool - the flowers remind me of my granny.

And talking about my granny reminds me of the dates I've been eating because the dates remind me of my granny and pappa.

They used to have peanuts, boiled lollies, dates and things like that as eat treats at their house - they weren't your typical chips and lollies type people like my other grandparents were. Anyway, I bought some dates and my first taste of one in years took me straight back to their house...I miss them so.

Again for the pockets.

Granny and I used to have Girl Talk...I remember talking to her about boys. She was such a sweetie. Sweet memories...another reason I scrapbook.

My books are a place to put their photos, their Scrabble score sheet that I found in their Scrabble box and little stories like how eating dates takes me back and how Pappa was before his time...

He was...We were eating lunch with Andrew's aunty and uncle from New Zealand and we had the Vegemite on the table as you do.

Who doesn't have Vegemite on the table...seriously...

Bread, butter and Vegemite - nothing else cuts it, except maybe toast, butter and Vegemite...

...anyway, I was telling them how Pappa introduced me to Vegemite + avocado.

It sounds weird, but it works because the avo needs salt and the Vegemite has it in spades.

Andrew then found that the actual bottle suggested pairing avo with it. "He was before his time!" Good old Pappa.

It was over 15 years ago that I sat at his kitchen table (Granny was gone at the time) and I tried that new taste. It's been one of my favourites ever since.

Going to try it?

Jatz, butter, Vegemite, avo, salt and papper.

Toast/bread, butter, Vegemite, avo, salt and pepper.


And when I make pea and ham soup I don't eat toast with it, I eat bread with Vegemite and avo - double yum.

I must stress that the butter is imperative with the pairing of Vegemite.


You've gotta have enough butter, so your eye doesn't twitch with the Vege. I don't like the eye twitch, but Andrew does.

Anyway, I scrap so I can put my photos somewhere and so I can record little stories like that.

Would I do a page with that one photo of the Vegemite bottle on it?? Noooo way.

I'm going to stick it in a divided page protector and put the story behind it on a tab. Simple stuff.

And the story will be printed out of Word and just printed on white copy paper. Even simpler stuff.

Back to the papers we were talking about before...

Click here to see the rest of the bits in the Crate Paper lines above. They have their other collections there too.

Pick and choose or buy the whole lot??

I love that we have choices in paper...and food!



  1. Love the papers and the vegemite story too.


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