01 July 2011

Crochet frenzy - part 2 - My mother

I'm not the only one with crochet fever. My mother has it too! 

In fact, I think she gave it to me. Her and Rochelle, both of them...

It's a good fever to have, I'm a-thinking...

Anyway, Mum caught the bug (and the fever, ha ha) and started making crochet samplers. 

You know, I like how our crafting and creative-ness can give us what we want (or need) at any given time. 

If I want therapeutic crocheting (which I do), I'll make a simple rug or something that doesn't require too much thought. 

If Mum wants a bit of fun and experimentation, she can get that too. And she got it through crochet samplers this time. 

Pretty cool, hey? I love crafting and creative-ness. 

Onto the samplers. 

Mum decided to make them because she said that if you choose a pattern and then buy the wool and then start crocheting, the whole thing can turn out really....um, different to what you thought. 

You can't always tell how big a granny square is going to be from the pattern, so enter...

....the sampler.

Here's my mother and her sampler folder.

Yes, her sampler folder.

I know, I cracked up too.

She's hilarious. This is so her.

Really, it's just the pattern with a sampler in display pockets in a pink folder...you know, no biggie to put together, but if anybody was going to do it, it'd be my mother. And she did!

You're hilarious, Mum. I love it.

Now, my mother can read a pattern.

It helps, you know.

Look at those squares - beautiful. Love that first one.

This is why you do a sampler. You ask yourself - "Do I want to make 155 of these suckers??"

It's kinda like a choose-your-own-adventure book.

All the adventure, but without all the effort.

Or what about these ones?

Again with the pretty one on the left there. I like that one.

And the other one is interesting.

Again, this is why you do it.

Sorry, this is why she does it.

To see what they look like.

To see how big they are.

To see if they float her boat.

To see if she wants to commit.

To see if she wants to take on the full adventure.

It's a good crochet tactic when you think about it.

Pretty simple.

I think these ones were all about the size.

Don't want to set out to make a queen bed rug and end up with only enough wool for a dog blanket, now do you?

Cody wouldn't mind though.

Oooh, now I like this one with the flower on it.

Very interesting and pretty, yes?

And these remind me of tulips. I like this one too.

And that pink and white one reminds me of the brown and white suit thing that Mum made for Pete when he was little.

Look what I found?

Pete at 5 months (in 1975) sporting his shirt/top thing, but I'm sure there was a jumpsuit, Mum? Kinda like overalls?

Anyway, too cute.

So, Mum's a crochet queen. She made more samplers for her book, I've just shown you a few. They were kinda bulging out of the folder a bit - pretty thick the old wool samplers.

Good job, Mum, you're amazing.

Just had to show you the crochet hook roll that she made too.

Being the organisational queen that she is, she just had to do it to keep them all in one place.

Cool, huh?

Look how big!

Look how tiny!

Never seen either in my life...I think I've had the same crochet hook my whole crocheting life and it was probably my mother's to start with...

Ah, here's the roll all rolled up with a cute crocheted tie.

Of course.

So fun.

Thanks for letting me share, Mum. You're fab. Done any more samplers? Ooop, don't answer that, I know you've been painting the house....

PS. Oh, wait, wait, I've gotta catch my breath....this is so funny! LOOOOK at that brunch coat thing!! And guess what they called it? A Granny Square Snug Sack, can you believe that?? We completely lost it in the (antique-y type) shop and then Mum pulled it together for the photo. SOOO funny.


  1. I was thinking of making a similar crochet hook organizer! But I only have 3 hooks, so maybe I should get more before making one... I love those samples! I really like the tulip one, I think that one is my favourite... Probably because tulips are my favourite flower... :)

  2. You make me laugh Deb. So many lovely patterns for free on the internet. And there's your pattern for the colourful rug in previous blog. And that Snug Sack, oh my!!

  3. Hi again Shirley! Great minds think alike, hey? Yeah, buy a couple more hooks, they're not expensive. The tulip one is gorgeous for sure. They're beautiful flowers. Thanks for stopping by to say hi!

  4. Glad you liked the post, Mum. You are amazing. I'm pulling out my current rug again...this'll be the third time I'm starting it. I'll get it right and then I'll be off like a crocheting rocket! Snug Sack...ha ha, I know.


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