04 July 2011

My name is Cody...

...and I'm at the BEEAAACCCHHH!

I love the beach!

I love the beach!

I love the rocks!

I love the sky!

I love the birds that fly around and tease me!

I love the water and I can't wait to get in it!


What's that?

You want me to turn around for a photo?

Was that good enough? 

Can we go yet? 

Can we go yet?


You want me to come there for a photo?

What's with all these photos, anyway?

I don't even know what a photo is!

Okay, will this do? 

Yes, I'm smiling. 

Yes, I'm happy. 

Yes, I'm free except for this darn harness thing, which I hate, but I'll put up with, because I'm at the BEEEAAACCHHH!

Can we go yet? 

Can we go yet?

Ah, yes, now I'm at my happiest! 

I am swimming!

I am free!

I love the water!

I'm just waiting for you to come in with me!

(No chance)

I know I'm going to have to have a bath when I get home because it's cold, but I'm willing to put up with it, so I can be in the water now. 

I love you two! 

You're good owners! 

If only every dog was so lucky!

No, mate, we're the lucky ones... 


  1. Hi Debra! Cody has to be the most adorable dog ever, I so love your little stories, thanks for bringing a smile to my face (this coming from a dedicated cat persone lol) but for Cody I think I could be a dog person (but shhh don't tell my cats!) Hope you guys are good? Not working too hard and I hope you are getting in a lot of creating!

    Thanks for the blog visit, I am always sneaking a peek at yours, just love reading your stories.

  2. Hi Liz! Thanks for your lovely comments about our doggie - he's snoring away on his bed right next to me right now. So funny. Even his snoring is funny! Ha ha about him making you (maybe) want a dog. I know, I love that he's cute too. Thanks for dropping by to say hi - glad you like my stories too. I just write about whatever I feel like at the time...it's all pretty unplanned!
    Bye now, have a great week with the kids...PS. Not a whole lot of creating in the papercraft department at the moment...more crochet happening :o) Still creating, just a different sort. Bye!

  3. Hiya Debra, I also love your wee stories about Cody----and the photo,s. I have an older version(dont know if that correct spelling lol) he is 13 now and age is catching up on him. He is slow and stumbles a lot. But hey,when yr the equivilent of 93 in human years, yr allowed to stumble huh.
    Just been to a SENZ show where I discovered the "magic" of dimensional magic. Love the stuff, shoving it on everything. Even asked the hubby if I could paint his nails with it. You will know the unprintable answer.

    Have a great day. Dee

  4. Hi Dee,
    Glad you like them! I remember you mentioning your dog - he has an interesting name if I remember rightly? Yep, allowed to stumble at that age. I met a guy walking his old dog and she stumbled - he said it was an inner ear thing, I think. I love Dimensional Magic too - great stuff! Makes good glue too for buttons and metal things. Very sticky stuff. Bye now, thanks for saying hi!


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