30 June 2011

Crochet frenzy

Oooh, I can feel it!

I'm in a crochet frenzy!

I want to make this!

Which is this!

I love the bright colours...ooh, love 'em. 

I'm a bit scared though...you know, can't read a pattern. I could make it up, but it's soooo much harder....

I want to make this!

Again, scared. 

Again, no pattern reading abilities.  

How do you get the ridge pattern from the beginning????

I'd have to work this one out...a bitta trial and error.  

Heck, I want to make this too! Why not? 

I'd omit all-a that white though...

This is an eaaassy one...

For all the rest of them, it'll be "MOTHER!!!" 


  1. Chuckle. Yes, have patterns for those, so easy it will surprise you. They are such pretty colours. Check the pattern of the squares in my pastel rug with the flowers on it that you photgraphed. The amazing thing about crochet is the infinite combinations of a couple of stitches. And the different colour schemes.

  2. Hi Mum, Thanks for the patterns - I'm looking at them now...Gotta say, the instructions still sound confusing...and daunting. Golly. Until I see you I'll just continue on with the rug I'm making. The easy, no-pattern rug!

  3. How good are mums!!!

    I asked my mum to knit me a skarf and she said can't you just go and buy one !! LOL....


  4. I've tried crocheting a few patterns, but they never turn out the way they are supposed to. I do much better when I just make it up as I go. :) But I think I want to try that first blanket too! We're getting a futon for the office so we can use it as a spare bedroom too, and that blanket would look SO great there! :)

  5. Hi Sha,

    I know, Mum's a goodie. She's already sent me two crochet patterns to help me with the things I want to make. They look kinda hard though...she said she'd teach me.

    When did you ask your mother to make you one? I'll do one for you if you like!


  6. Hi Shirley,
    I'm exactly the same way and make it up as I go too. Unfortunately the rug I'm working on now is going to be pulled out for the second time and started again...that's what happens! Oh cool, love your idea for using the blanket in your spare room :o)

  7. Hey Deb... I asked her about 2 weeks ago because she spends all night when watching tv doodling on paper colouring in stuff and I said that maybe she could knit me a scarf to give her something actually useful to do while watching tv.... she first said Yes, but then I think it felt too hard so declined and she's now back doodling again!

  8. Oh, lol on that. I thought maybe you'd asked her when you were a teenager or something! I think we can say that she's not interested in handicrafts or much else after 7pm!


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