24 June 2011

A Scrap Quiz - Where do you scrap? Part 3

Hi there to you,

I'm back again today to clarify a few things about my scrap space. 

You know, the good, the bad and the ugly. 

(It's a fact of life, so I've gotta go there)

The Good

1.  - It's accessible. I can put the jug on and go scrap for 5 mins. It's amazing what you can do in 5 mins. It can turn into 10 or 15, but that's good too.

2. - It's in the thick of it. If it's a Saturday and there's action around, I can be out where it's happening, not stuck in my room by myself.

3. - Mum, Dad, Andrew, Sarah (niece), Sue (sister) and I watched the Royal Wedding and I scrapped for a bit. Nice.

4. - Sitting is committing and that was half my problem. Pulling all the stuff out to the table, putting it all on the table, sitting at the table - it was all too....committed. With the cabinet I can stand there and do a bit and walk away. It's just less stressful, really.

5. - Scrapping at this cabinet has produced three hunka-chuncka-chocka-blocka 12 x 12 albums in a year. Not bad. The year before? Zip. I did do a Dec Daily, but that doesn't count.

6. - I'm still a bunches scrapbooker - I kinda lean that way, but this standing-up-scrapping-in-the-living-room-thing allows me to do bits and pieces on and off too. I like that. Like I said before, you can do a lot in 5 mins while the jug is boiling even if it's just tidy up a bit.

7. - I get to go through those albums and see those photos and enjoy them. That should go under The Very Good. 

The Bad

1. - I don't have a lot of surface area to work on. This is my main problem. 12 x 12 paper is huge, photos get everywhere...it is what it is and I make it work. See number 5 above. Output is what's important right now.

2. - I have to walk back and forth to my room to get things sometimes. This is annoying. I used to have to do that anyway, but at least I don't have to get up from my chair anymore. That's really annoying the 20th time, let me tell you.

3. - Sometimes I just don't want to stand up to scrap. Nup, I don't. So I just sit and watch telly instead. That is, no scrapping. It is what it is.

The Ugly

1. - I don't think it's ugly!

2. - I realise it's not for everybody to have all their stuff out because it's untidy looking or whatever, but for me, right now, it's completely fine. I check in with Andrew about it too (it's his house too) and he always says he's fine with it. He likes a lived-in house. I had four big 12 x 8 living room photos spread out on the end of the dining table for weeks and he didn't even notice them. I mentioned I was moving them because they were annoying me and he said they didn't worry him at all.

3. Reiterating - it's not ugly!

4. It's functional!

5. It's fab!

6. I'm glad I'm there!

7. Bye now, have a great weekend!


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