27 June 2011

The flowery cushion


How was your weekend?

Get any crafting done? Do you craft on the weekends? 

I'm not getting crafting done, but crocheting.

That's the other thing I do when I don't want to stand up and scrap. I sit down and crochet. Big (happy) sigh.

We were visiting friends last weekend and she asked if I could teach her how to crochet. She already knew the basics and I just helped her pull some things together. Was kinda nice to teach her a few bits and pieces. I'm pretty bad though, I just make stuff up and can't read a pattern either, but she's pretty free form too, so we managed.

So much so that she dropped in two days later and showed me the necklace thingy she made in 24 hours! Amazing!

She (Rochelle) made a string of flowers like the ones above with chains in between. It made a long strand and she modeled it for me like you'd wear a scarf.

We joked that it wouldn't keep you warm (wasn't meant to), but it was a really pretty thing to wear. Was so lovely and she's sending it to her friend in Denmark as a little gift.

After our crochet lesson on the deck on last Sunday, I decided to pull out the cushion I didn't finish last year. I saw it in the Better Homes and Gardens and knew I wanted to make it. Like I said, can't read a pattern, so I made it up from the pictures.

Cushion cover? Check.

Flowers? Check.

Enough of them? Yep, check.

Way to get those suckers on there? Hmmm, still working on that. Will see how it goes...

Gotta say though, while I was teaching Rochelle, and we were checking crochet out on the internet, I was just sitting there crocheting because I could.

Oh man, I loved it.

What is it about crochet?

Rochelle knits (and does tonnes of other stuff), but she's never crocheted before.

"It's so therapeutic!" she said.

I know, I know.

That's the magic. It's therapeutic.

Bring on the wool!



  1. Yes I totally agree. Will have to teach you how to read a pattern, it is very easy. Are you doing some more on your cushion?

  2. I guess I've just never had the need to read a pattern before - only done basic stuff. Yes, it's out and I'm looking at it and trying to work out how to attach the flowers so it's easy and they get where I want them to. Might just tie them on and then sew them properly - yep, might work.


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