23 June 2011

A Scrap Quiz - Where do you scrap? Part 2

Hi there,

Less talking and more pics today...that's the plan anyway. 

Here's my scrap area, we've established that. 

Here it is again, we've established that too. 

We've also established that storing things in the drawer in the white dresser doesn't work for me. 

There's extra cutlery in there now...

Inside the cabinet when I first set it up - photo taken May 2010. I think I'd been out here for a bit before that. Maybe a month or so?

Was still working out what I needed and how much of it I needed etc. It's how these things work...I just put the bare minimum out and watch it grow. 

You too?

Hello, growth. 

July 2010. 

More storage needed and other bits. 

Some real serious storage happening now and a Cuttlebug. Oooh, serious alright. 

Oct 2010. 

March 2011. 

This is the latest I've taken inside the cabinet. No point trying to keep up, it just changes too quickly. Changed on Monday in fact. All those stickers (two boxes on the top left) are now in one box because that wire one was driving me crazy.

The paper storers (vertical things) lasted about 2 days in there. I had to tip 'em to get 'em out. Didn't do much for the creative process - they had to go.

The right bunch of paper pads are all 8 x 8 - easy to flip through...

The bottom is all bits and bobs...it needs cleaning out again. I've moved that box with the checkered lid, I know that. I can't stand having things around that aren't being used. Get out!

Note too the difference in the pic above and the one above that. Look at the difference in the colour of  the cabinet.

Explanation - old camera and new one. Amazing.

Love our Lumix, it's a fab camera (DMC - TZ5).

Here's my scrap area now. 

Oh my word, it's grown! 

There's an extra cabinet there. I brought that out of another room for a bit of extra bench top space over summer. I get a lot done over summer, so I bring out the big guns then...was kinda meant to go away, but it didn't. Too bad, so sad. Not.

I'm not claiming that white box as mine for scrapping. It's Cody's food. 

I really don't like it being there, but we've no where else to put it, so there it stays. One day a solution will come...

All the junk in the drawer of the secondary cabinet. 

I like having a drawer to chuck stuff in. Yes, including candy canes, which are probably still there!

That stool is from our kitchen bench. 

We only have one stool at the bench, but it's fine. I pull it out if we need it, although that paper holder is pretty heavy like I found out yesterday. Far out. Couldn't believe it. 

Okay, so that's my cabinet, but in the efforts of full disclosure...

I have more stuff stashed away... 

...in here....

...actually, in here....

You know those ladies in the scrapbooking organising books that have to be creative with their storage solutions because they scrap in shared spaces?

I used to pity them.

Or the 'creative spaces' articles in the scrapbooking magazines that suggest hiding your paper in your ottoman and your stickers in your side table?

I used to thumb my nose at them. Who does that?


I'm now one of those people and I love it.

I was pulling my drawers out to grab some stuff and realised I was one of those people who 'hid' their stuff in their living room. It's pretty fun, actually, because no one knows it's there. Aaaaand it's really accessible to me. Pretty good, really.

Ooop, what's in here? 

Drawer 1: Journalling cards and bits. 

Drawer 2: Equipment and bits.

And below...

Drawer 3: Three layers of cardstock and bits. 

There's a lotta bits in these here drawers :o)

Small scraps - they have to fit in that container to qualify. 

Bigger scraps. 

And bits. 

I've just been through this tray and purged. 

Drawer 4: Does not have these things in it! 

This has changed - they've moved to the cabinet in a box, so I can flip through them. They're paper stacks. 

What's in this drawer now? I think the bottom layer from Drawer 3 and some other....you guessed it...bits.

So, that's where I scrap... 

...in the living room...

...standing up...

...with the telly on!


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