06 June 2011

Cute girls

Hi there!

Since Mum asked about the folder, I thought I'd post this today. 

It's using that same folder from last week. It's called Friend, by the way. 

It's quite a busy background, but using it like this really cuts it up, don't you think? Literally...

Of course I ran it through the machine many times to get the different coloured words. 

If you know which words you want, you can just use your scraps and put them where the actual words are. 

If you don't, you can run full sheets through, and then cut out the words you want as you go along. You'll have a lot leftover for other cards that way too. 

Anyway, try it, it's fun. 

There's a few other wordy embossing folders you could use too. How about this one? Would be nice in whites and blues. 

The words would be great on scrapbook pages too, although I'm pretty over seeing pages with random words scattered all over them. 


Sorry, I'm going to vomit. 

Did I just say that out loud?

Umm, yep, yep, I did. 

Promise me that if you use the words on your pages you'll make them mean something...

Use them as a border (ie. design element), group them in a confined space (another design element) or as part of your journalling (ie. part of the story), just don't scatter 'em! 

I'm leaving now and pushing that soap box back under the computer desk...


  1. Haven't seen those folders before, must be new out. Very useful and I like the way you used them. I think I should sign this "a random user of words". Chuckle.

  2. Such nice folders. Thank you for pointing them out,will keep an eye open for them here in NZ. If not,than I am sure I will access them in Oz.
    As always, thank you. Dee

  3. Hi Mum, No they're not new, they've been around a while. You've probably just looked over them...I did! Ha ha back to you!

  4. Hi Dee, No problem, glad you like. They're around, that's for sure. Probably even on ebay.
    Bye now!

  5. Hi Debra,
    I like this folder & I never thought to cut it up once I embossed. You give new perspective to things. Thanks, Jammie

  6. Yes, Probably looked them over and thought I would never use it. You always come up with the inspiration Deb, very pretty.

  7. Hi Jammie,
    No probs, glad you like the idea. I always knew that folder had potential - it just needing a bit of cutting to reach it :o)

  8. Hi Debra, After seeing the "friends" folder you showed above, I just had to go buy one---so I did. So thanks. Dee

  9. Good for you! Have fun with it :o)


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