03 June 2011

It doesn't have a clown on it but...

...it's still pretty good. 

Pretty good is pretty good...actually, it's pretty nice. 

It's a card. 

It's colourful. 

It could go to a man, lady, boy or girl actually. That's pretty great, really. 

It's got embossing and we always like doing that. 

It's got Dimensional Magic for that glossy touch. 

It's simple. Simple is pretty good. 

Actually simple is pretty great when you've got no skills. 

You know what I mean by that? 

You've not been at your desk for a while and when you sit down you know you've got no skills for drawing clown faces. 

Hey, after a sabbatical, the last thing you draw first is a clown face, or any face, for that matter.

So, when you've got no skills, make this card. That's my advice for ya. 

Better yet, make 15 of 'em and give the same one out all year. 

I could say no one would know, but if you give them to family, they'll know. 

Whether they care is the guiding issue with that. 

Hey, you send the same Christmas card, why not the same birthday card?

Your desk, your rules! 


PS. The 'enjoy' is from this Cuttlebug folder. 


  1. Very pretty and useful Deb. What did you do the "Enjoy" label with?

  2. From a Cuttlebug folder with words all over it. I just cut one out. I've made another card with the same folder and used the words as a border. I've added a link to it in the post. Will post that other card to show you.


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