19 May 2011

Revamp, redo, repeat or recycle - Flower part 2

Hi again, 

Back as promised with some more Recycle-y Revamps today :o)

Original card....

Ooooh, totally loving the orange. 

It's just so orange. 

Totally loving that pink button. 

Nice shot of colour. 

Got this handmade paper from PC - they have some interesting stuff over there. 

Their die cutting sale is going strong. Seen or used the new Cuttlebug machine

I used it properly for the first time over at PC on the weekend and liked it. The handle's definitely different, but it didn't cause a problem or make it hard to use or anything. I thought it might because it folds in and makes the turning part different to the old one. 

Anyway, it was good and I love the cream with the green.  

Last card with a big orange button. Nice. 

Gotta say, I do my best to take good photos of these cards (annoys me when I can't or when the light isn't right) and yet they don't always translate in the photos. I'm looking at these now going, "They look so much better in real life." So much so that I want to sit down and make a whole other set! 

Oh yes, the paper collection is Madame Royale from We R Memory Keepers - love the glitter in it.  

Cheater Peter - the yellow spotty paper in the one above (and the one above that) isn't from this collection, it's from Modern Homemaker by October Afternoon (the Party Line paper). I did a redo using that collection too. 

I know, a lotta redos, but once I started I just kept going. 

It's all fun. Will share that MH card soon, bye now!


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