18 May 2011

Revamp, redo, repeat or recycle - Flower part 1

Howdy partners, 

I'm back with the reduce, reuse, recycle card today. 

I keep saying that in my head instead of the proper four Rs. 

Revamp. This is a revamp?

Redo. No, it's not a redo. A redo is a total copy of the original. 

Repeat - I guess that's a total copy of the original too. 

Recycle - I think that's using parts of the original to make a new card. 

Gosh, I made this up and I don't know what any of it is. 

Here's the original card. 

And I've decided to call my new ones Recycle-y Revamps.

Hardy, ha ha. 

Note the sentiment...

Yep, right on, sisters. 

The collection of paper is actually an Easter collection. 

I didn't get to use it for Easter stuff (too busy making chicks and rabbits), so I thought I'd use the generic patterns in the pad to make regular cards. 

I had the 12 x 12 Scrapbook Pad to work with. It came with some letters and bits in the back, but I just stuck with the papers. Pretty typical of me. 

The little letter stickers are from My Little Shoebox and Cosmo Cricket (pink ones). Love having a stash of these stickers - they're great.  

Did you check out the My Little Shoebox ones? They have tonnes of colours. Didn't know there was that many. Wow. 

Note the polka dotty envelopes too. Used the papers in the collection to make those on The Ultimate Crafters Companion - love that thing for envelopes. She starts making the envelopes at 7:06 (I linked you to a vid). 

Well, I hope you enjoyed, I've got more Recycle-y Revamps coming tomorrow!


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