20 May 2011

Just a bit of punch art for ya...

...and it's a different sort - they're some of my teaching materials. 

I don't use them anymore because I don't teach Basic classes much now, but they were very useful back in the day. 

Actually, these are my second version. I have an older version and they got hammered. How many times they got whipped out and passed around in class is beyond me.  

Have you tried any of these things?

You know how old it is because of the chalks. Chalks aren't around much now, but the used to be huge, remember that? I'm sure some ladies still have them and use them, but they're not in like they used to be.

And the Shrinkies! See those?

Have you ever shrunk a teddy in the oven? So fun watching it curl up and flatten. We used to do it with chip packets as kids.

The shrinkie teddies (above) used to be the size of the brown teddy (below). So fun. If you have a go, draw the face on first with permanent pen like a Nikko and do the fabric paint after.

I'm not sure where you can buy Shrink paper, but I'm sure it's out there.

Just did a quick search and here's some for ya.

Meanwhile I'm going to check my cupboard and see if I've still got some. You can use your heat tool to shrink them too, not just the oven. It's pretty fun, esp if you make teddies or something cute.

Here's the second sheet of bits and bobs. I used to show the ladies all the different things you can use with punch art to jazz it up a bit. I still use lots of things here...buttons, Dimensional Magic...I'll list them...

Things I still use:
Foam tape (all the time)
Dimensional Magic
Glitter glue - Stickles in Crystal mainly
Deco scissors

Things I don't:
Drawn stitching
Spread paint
Any decorations
Pin pricking
Shrinkies (but I'm going to check cupboard)
Those types of tags with the metal edges
Eyelets (does anybody much?)

Things I use sometimes:
Paint for bears
Ribbon (but not like that as a bow)

Things I use instead:
Tracing tool for faux stitching

Things I use all the time:
Punches because they rock.

Things I hope I won't ever stop using:
Punches because they rock.

Things I like using with punches:
Dies because they rock too.

Things that I have an unexplainable love for - sometimes so much so that even I think it's ridiculous:
Punches and dies.

What I'm going to do now:
Check the cupboard for Shrinky Dinks


Yep, found some. I've got white and Almond. The Almond is what the teddies are in up there. I'm planning on putting an open sandwich in the oven for lunch, so maybe some teddies will go in there too. Ha ha.

Punch on!


  1. Interesting to see how it has evolved over the years, makes me chuckle to see some of those bits and pieces. All good in it's time though.

  2. Yes, totally. It's a bit like seeing real sand on your scrapbook page :o)


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