17 May 2011

Ah, some nice cards this time...

Yes, up the top there I said some nice cards, but they are, in fact, the same card. 

The same card taken at different times of the year, that is. 

April, ie. autumn. 

September, ie. spring. 

Huge difference, hey? 

I don't alter my photos in Photoshop or anything tricky like that, what you see is what I took. I like the spring one the best because of the cosy, yellow glow. 

Yes, it's sideways. 

I like it.  

And I love that Donut Chain punch from EK. It totally rocks. 

I discovered this new die today. It's a Bigz one called Flower, 3D Fringed. What do you think? Looks kinda like my flower up there. 

When you're over on the Sizzix website, make sure you click on the grey 'line' icon on the left of the picture. See it? 

It shows you the actual graphic of the die cut. Only just discovered that myself. Makes life so much easier because some of those dies are hard to figure out when you just see the pic on the front.   

Now I didn't just post this card to talk about die and the time of year I took the photos, I posted it to show you the other cards it sparked. 

A repeat, if you will.

Repeats, actually. 

Remember the redo, repeat, revamp and re-something else concept that I've talked about before? 

Well, stay tuned more!


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