12 May 2011

Outside my window today...

...there are blue, blue skies and trees blowing in the wind even though they don't look like it here. 

See the clouds? 

Exactly, there are none. 

I love May, it's my favourite month. 

It's properly autumn (no leaves turning different colours around here though) and the weather is just glorious. 

And this fella. 

He's always at the ready for a game of ball, even after an hour's walk around the neighbourhood where he sniffed at every leaf and twig and went to the toilet seven times at least (far out, yes, Cody, mark all the electricity boxes as yours). 

Right now, as in now, he's sleeping, but if I get up from the chair he'll run around to the shoe box and make it known that he wants me to take the ball out and chuck it around. I told Andrew it's how he relates to us and loves us. I'm okay with it. The simple things make him happy, so who am I to say no? 


(Gotta replace that green ball. Green ball and green grass = making it harder than it needs to be)


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