11 May 2011


Hey there to you, what's happening?

Thought I'd share a flashback today. I'm not afraid to show you my old stuff on here because I'm all about teaching and I think we can learn things from the stuff we used to do.

Take the card below for example, I wouldn't sit down and make something like this now, but I certainly made a lot of them back in the day.

And they were good...back in the day.

They were smile-inducing back in the day too. Still are today, with a tiny bit of cringe, but like I said, not afraid to show you where I came from.

This card is from circa 2001 - just guessing, but that's what circa means anyway.

Gold fabric paint, and bronze for the ears, were huge back then in this crafting kitchen. They're not huge now, but I'd still use them on a bear. Yes, yes, I would. After doing it for years, I don't think I could not add the paint. The bears would look...well, naked.

Things I would do differently on this card now:

1. Pull back on the stars. And maybe add another of a different size.

2. Do them with some orange and pink thrown in.

3. Use a lighter blue and green.

4. Change the bows on the bears, they're huge.

5. Reduce the amount of squiggle on the bows. I'd try it in black. I'd maybe leave it off altogether. Can't talk about these things, have to do them to truly see what works. That's how I make decisions with punch art. I punch it out and try it, it's the best way.

6. I'd make the noses smaller on the bears...they look like koala bear noses, maybe they were meant to be. Nope, no, they were not.

7. I'd reduce the size of the writing because I know I just don't write that big now.

8. I'd do little strokes (vertical) for the eyes, rather than dots sorta. Do them differently now.

And that's it.

The one thing that I did back then, that I would do tomorrow, and every other day of my punch art life, is use my very favourite cream card for the card base.

Honestly, if that stuff ever went out of production...well, I don't want to think about it....

Ever look at your older cards and redo them? Or just see how you've moved on? A little cringe every now and again keeps us honest, so don't worry about it.


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