16 May 2011

A glitch and disasters

Hi there,

How are you this new week? The skies are still blue around here, although there's more clouds around. Hold it, there goes some thunder...extremely weird.

Blogger's been offline over the last little while - everything seems to be fixed now, but when I tried to get on at the end of last week...nothing, then nothing and then still nothing, so if you got on to see what was happening and found nothing, that's why. Oh well, it happens.

That was the glitch, now for the disaster.

Last week I had a disaster in my actual kitchen. Not my crafting kitchen, my actual kitchen.

Oh man, it was bad. 

The chicken was bad, the veges were burnt, the gravy was horrid.

It was just all around bad. So bad that I gave Andrew pies for dinner.

We keep some in the deep freeze for such emergencies. The emergency usually stems from no food in the house, not a bad dinner. I'm no great cook, but bad is bad no matter how to try to eat it. And I did try to eat it, and decided Andrew didn't need to suffer the same pain, thus the pies. He appreciated it.

Ever have kitchen disasters?

I remember something Mum made with off cheese when we were growing up. Phew...Or was it off milk? And Andrew remembers the smell of the tripe his mother (or was it father? Or father's request?) cooked. Double phew.

On the subject of disasters, I thought I'd show you a card disaster...


It's bad....

Oh my word, it still makes me cringe.

If you've been around here a while, you'll know that this is totally not my style and is just. too. much. I'm not a pile it on kinda person and yet, this card is a pile it on kinda one. It's like three cards in one.

More thunder....it's just not normal for this time of day, year or anything else. And now I can hear raindrops. Sigh. Come back sun.

Back to the bad card....

Full disclosure - or an explanation of sorts....When I was making this card I had a tradesman here doing a pest inspection. I couldn't think straight because I had to be at the ready answer questions and move out of the way etc etc, so I just kept to my desk and kept making the same card. I kept adding to it and all of a sudden it looked like this.

I mean, I don't haaaate it, but I don't love it either. It's just not me. I think I might pull it apart. Not sure.

I did end up making a simpler version though. Had to.

My intention was to make a couple of simpler versions - one with the ticket bit and one with the flower bit. Only got to do the ticket bit one. Here it is...


Still not me.

But better.

Ah, crafting, it's always interesting!

I know how the contestants on Masterchef feel when they make a horrible dish...I've done it too...made a horrible dish (more than one in my cooking life) and a horrible card (more than one in my crafting life).

It's life. We make mistakes and we just move on. What else can you do?

Show everyone on your blog! ha ha.


PS. Full thunder storm happening now and very heavy rain. I'm sure you're pleased you received the weather update ;o) that's a winking one....

PPS. Supplies and bits:

Paper - We R Memory Keepers Madam Royale - I love this paper, particularly because of the orange in it. And the glitter. Bought the pad of it at Photo Continental.

Punches - Butterfly with button on it - Martha. It's the Stamp and Punch Butterfly. Smaller butterflies were cut off the Monarch border/corner punch.

Scallop Border - Martha's Linked Trim. Or you could use Garden Trellis.

Other border wrapped around the ticket - Martha's Swirling Lace. Nice.

Ticket - I made myself. Cut it to size and trimmed corners using a circle punch.

Cream ticket is from this punch called Photo Labels (EK Success). I use this a lot.

Scatter Joy stamp - I bought it from PC.

PPPS. Even though it totally overloaded the card, it's still a pretty flower, don't you think? Sizzix Layered Flowers #6. 

Yep, PC again. They have 20% off all die cutting/embossing stuff in May. Nice one.

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