09 May 2011

Mother's Day bits and pieces

Hi there ladies!

I thought I'd share the bits and pieces I made for Mother's Day with you today.

Now, before you say, 'gosh, does this girl ever stop crafting', let me tell you I had no intention of making anything.

Okay, not totally true. I did think of making the cards, of course I did.

I had ideas, I had thoughts, but I also had doubts. Doubts about pressure and time and having to be creative - all that. I mean, I love making cards, but the fun goes out of it when I have to do it under pressure. Totally...

So.....I ended up buying the cards. 

Yep, I walked into the store and saw the display and thought, "There are some pretty ones here, I'll just take a look" and then ended up putting two in my basket.

I've said it before and I'll say it again on behalf of all of us...

1. Just because we make cards doesn't mean we have to make every one we give out.

2. If we don't want to make a card (or can't), it's okay to just go and buy one.

3. If there's a type of card we need that's not our kinda thing, it's okay to buy it (ie. sympathy cards for me).

Okay, so I bought the cards. They were flowery, pretty and a bit glittery. I liked 'em.

We wrote on them, put them with the gifts and then I had a thought....

"Why not make a little banner to hang around the place?"

And then it started....

You know how it is. You get an idea, your eyes sparkle, you have a bit of time, you know what paper you want to use, you can totally see the finished product in your head and you just want to start there and then.

Well, luckily I had time to start there and then and I did. I pulled out the stuff and got to work. They were pretty simple and came together quite quickly at first...

And then it really started...

I added pop dots...

and borders...

I made flowers for Grandma's banner because I didn't like the hearts and then I ended up flicking the flowers because I didn't like them and went back to the hearts. It happens!

Anyway, I made the banners, I wasn't forced to and I had a great time. What else can you ask for from your crafting? Nothing...nothing at all.

I used The Girls Paperie Kitch collection including the big alphas from the sticker book, Papertrey Ink's Boxy Banner dies for the actual banner and some red and white Baker's twine from Divine Twine to tie it altogether. Again the Baker's twine rocked it. It always rocks it...

After all that s'plain'n, let's move onto the banners, shall we?

For my mother-in-law...

All packaged and ready to go.

See-through envelopes - so cool. Got them online here at Regal Craft a few years ago. 

Note the flower there - that's one of the ones I made for Grandma's banner that I flicked because it stuck up too much.

I was determined to use them somehow... :o)

Onto Grandma's banner...

I added a few borders along the tops of hers because there was a coordinating border sticker sheet in the sticker book that I wanted to use.

The one above isn't actually a sticker though because I ran out and had to make two paper borders instead. Grandma didn't notice.

This one's a sticker.

I actually had the foresight to add pop dots to the letters on hers. Pop dots always make things poppy.

I was kinda racing the clock to begin with and then I just stopped watching and embellished away (pop dots, borders). Don't you love it when you can do that?

Kept the packaging simple for her.

Easy is best when you're 89.

Unwrapped by the giver is best when you're 89 - I went that route...

And this is Mum's banner...

The alpha stickers from the sticker book were limited in number, so I had to think of words that I could actually make. There was a page of numbers in the book too, so a few of the zeros got used for o's like that o up there.

We love you (with a heart)
is what I got in the end. Not bad.

Mum's packaging.

Added a little banner to the front because I knew she'd enjoy it. I knew she'd probably pull it off and save it. And I knew she'd just like it.

And OH MY GOODNESS - I've just remembered the tag! I forgot the tag! I always make Mum a tag for her birthday, Mother's Day and Christmas and she keeps them all on a ring. Oh, rats, after doing it for a few years it's still not entrenched in my brain. Okay, must whip up something.

OR, because Mum's crafty....die cut an extra boxy banner and get her to stick the flower and the little banner to it. Score, that's what I'm going to do...problem thwarted...

Actually maybe I'll give that to her when I give her her second little gift. I bought something o/seas, but it didn't arrive in time.

Did I tell you that, Mum? You'll be getting something else from me.

Nothing like spreading out the gift giving is there?

Ooooh, I love these photos. They turned out so fab.

The little banner up there is a die set from My Favourite Things - they have great dies. And guess what? If you buy only dies or stamps they'll ship your order for $5.45 AUD. That's from the USA. Amazing. They have reasonable shipping rates if you buy other stuff - check it out. They release dies and stamps monthly too. And Kim is really nice.

Laaast thing - the little alphas stickers there are from October Afternoon. They're called Sticky Keys. So cute.

Veeery last thing - I got the Kitch papers and Sticky Keys from Blue Bazaar. Fab.

Feel like I've talked so much I've gotta keep quiet for the rest of the day...bye now!

PS. Threw the flower photo in for kicks.

PPS. Enough pics for ya, Sue?


  1. They are all so pretty Deb, love them and many thanks. Am enjoying mine today, glad you enjoyed making them too.

  2. Hi Mum,
    Glad you're enjoying yours. I did have fun doing them. And that little gift should be coming this week!
    Love Deb


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