03 May 2011

Inspired by Andrew - A little story

Good morning, howdy and fancy seeing you here!

You know, my husband doesn't craft. He has, but he doesn't as a regular thing at all. He'll give his opinion when asked (and sometimes not when asked), he'll let me bounce things off him and yabber on about stuff, but generally no, the man doesn't craft.

BUT one day I walked into my room and found this card on my desk. He said earlier he'd left me a little sample in there.

Here it is. What do you think?

It's a one layer job (just a sample as he said) and it's quite good actually. You sound surprised?

Here's why I think it's good...

1. He made it.

2. He stuck to his guns. He reckons all the cards I make don't need to be cards, but just card fronts to save paper. His is a card front. Gotta give him props for just doing his thing. That, or he couldn't be bothered to fold the card...

3. He used a few different tools - punches, scissors, pen. Good one.

4. He did two borders - scissors up the top, punch down the bottom. All were within easy reach on the desk. Nearest is best I think he was going for.

5. He lined up the Martha border at the bottom. Big props there!

6. He added the love bit to me. Gotta love that.

7. He layered the punches. This is a skill, people, a real skill. Those Starburst frond things are right in the valleys of the petals...again, big props.

8. He suggested it could be used as a layer on a card too. He knows how this card making bizo works.

9. He surprised me. We were chatting about a card I had to make (just a little sample I needed to do) and I had no ideas at the time. He decided to help me and do a sample that I could copy to save my brain. How fab is that? Man, I love my husband, he is a true gem sometimes. Note I didn't say all the time because, well, that would be lying. I'm a shocker sometimes too and I'm willing to admit it.

Anyway, back to the card...He was leaving for work and he told me he left a sample on my desk (with a proud and cute smile on his face). I went in and checked it out and broke out in a huge grin.

Just the fact that he did it made me smile.

And the fact that I was inspired by it, well, that made my day. And my job a whole lot easier.

This is my card - there's a lot of similarities, I think.

- Layer on a card.
- Feature in the middle.
- Border at the bottom.
- Border at the top, but I kept it straight.

10. The tenth reason why I think his card is good?

(Oh wait, he just walked by and I asked him to come in here when he was ready...I'll ask him to give me number ten after I read the blog post to him...let's see what he says, shall we?)

Just waitin'...

Still waitin'...

I'm going to read a blog or something while I wait...

Okay, we're back.

So, Andrew why is your card so good? (microphone over to you)

"Because I did it"


"It has elements which I put there to help Deb think. And it worked. Still developing my style at present. Well, actually, probably won't do anymore cards, so that is my style. Check ya's."

He's gone now and the whole time I said to his retreating back, "Check ya's? Check ya's??"

I've never heard the man utter that in my entire life.

That's the thing about blogging, you never know what you're gonna get!

Toodles! (told ya!)


Tina! Tina!


  1. Hi Debra
    I love reading your blog! Can you tell me what butterfly punch you used please?

  2. Hi Christine,

    The butterfly punch is a Martha one that comes with the stamps. You can check it out here...


    It's my favourite of all her butterfly punches. I bought it from Photo Continental. www.photocontinental.com.au

    They actually had them on special recently.

    Bye now!


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