29 April 2011

Just circles and a star...

Howdy peeps,

How's things?

Still truckin'?

Doing okay?

All's fine over here in Punch Art Fun world at the moment. Not a whole lot of crafting going on, but ebb and flow, it's all about ebb and flow. Are you crafting a lot?

Thought I'd share this cutie today. It's made using a star and my personal favourites - circles.

Circles - love 'em, collect 'em, need 'em in every size. That's how I roll. Get it? ha ha.

Anyway, the kitty cat is made from circles - head, body, paws, nose and even the accents. The ears are made from star fronds? Star points? Star bits...whatever they are.

And because you can't really tell, this is a little card. It's only about 5cm wide and 10cm high, something like that. Cute.

I'm not really a cat person, but this kitty is fine. Are you a cat person? I know you are Sue! And Liz!

Have a great day peeps (I sound like a teenager),


PS. Now, I've just realised (I just went into my files and stuff and I've come back) that I've posted this card before. This answers the question that didn't exist until now - Do you ever scrap the same photo twice? The answer is yes. Do you blog about the same card more than once? Um, yes!


  1. It's ok to blog about the same card twice as some people (me) must've missed that blog. It's a cute card anyway. I like cats but I don't have one as hubby doesn't like them. They're great to suggle with & pretty self sufficient animals. I had a 2 cats when I was a kid. One named toots & one named monty. Monty was a girl cat named after my uncle who was not very happy about that. I hadn't thought about them for a long time. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  2. A typo on my comment:

    I mean snuggle with. Ha ha

  3. i must have missed that one too! It's a cute card, even though we're dog peeps !-)

  4. hiya

    your work is awesome!

    for your outstanding craftiness you have been given a versatile blogger award.

    xxx clare the crafty cow

  5. I love this card... And I love cats too...
    Just some weeks ago, someone killed ours, Hana and Chuck, a mother and her som...
    OK... nobody is perfect...

    Good memories...

  6. Hi Jammie,

    It's a pity that you can't have a cat. I didn't want a dog for a long time (well, ever) and then I told Andrew to get one because I knew he wanted one. Turns out I love him, so it worked out good. The life and times of a married couple, hey? One word, compromise. My sister was called Tooter when she was little! Glad you had a little trip down memory lane, that's nice.

  7. I posted the cat card on the post that talked about me doing the scrap quiz (which I will get back to - it's definitely a series and I'm going to do it). Thought it was funny that I posted it twice, but turns out you didn't notice, so yay for that.

  8. Hi Rebecca, Yep, dog peeps. Probably won't ever see a cat around here unless it's walking down our driveway like one was yesterday. Must be a neighbourhood one. Glad you liked the card!

  9. Thanks, Clare! That's nice of you...

  10. Hi Flavia,

    Wow, so sorry to hear that - how sad!


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