08 April 2011

A Scrap Quiz - What's your favourite colour combo?

Hey there and hello to you!

Welcome back to the Scrap Quiz I'm asking myself! Sounds silly, but I kinda am if you think about it. Lucky that you're reading it, otherwise it'd really defeat the purpose. Who wants to ask themselves totally riveting questions about papercrafting and have no one read the answers??

Moving onto today's question - "What's your favourite colour combo?"

Well, it's this....

...cream with all colours.

You've seen this card just recently, so please excuse that, but it's a good example of what I love.

Cream base - oh man, the cream base - with red, blue, green and yellow plus pink and orange.

I love red, blue, green and yellow together.

I loooove red, blue, green and yellow plus pink and orange. Yes, I really love that combo.

But more than that though....I love this....

That is....I looooooooooooooooove red, blue, green and yellow plus pink and orange plus purple plus a couple of different shades of one or more of those colours!!

Here, let me explain.

Cream base - tick.

Red, blue, green and yellow - tick. Okay, that's not true, there's no red on this card (I only just noticed!). There's a dark pink though (the middle flag), so we're counting that as the red. The small egg on the left looks red, but it's dark pink. I don't use red on Easter cards and that's pretty much a rule.

Pink and orange - tick.

Purple - tick. Only a bit though, can't go overboard on purple.

A couple of different shades of one or more of those colours - tick. There's two shades of green and three shades of pink.

And the kicker with this card is that it has a bit of white, baby yellow (face) and brown too. Adds a bit of richness and depth (I've been watching My Kitchen Rules). If you scroll back up to the top card, and then back to the Easter card, you'll see what I mean. Adding the different colours, and a couple of shades of them, adds so much more to the card.

Colour is the kicker, really, it is. You can have a great design, but if the colours are off, it's a car wreck. Or a card wreck. And we don't want those.

When I was writing my books, I drew a lot of sketches of the cards etc I wanted to make, particularly for Book 3. I remember being able to visualise the designs, but being stuck on the colour balance/combo more than once.

I particularly remember the pram I was making for Book 2 - it's in the baby section. I had the sketch in front of me and knew how I was going to make it. Got stumped on the colours though. It was with the wheels for some reason. I remember thinking, "I know there's a solution to this!" - there always is with these things. I also remember walking away from it because it just wasn't working at the time. I worked it out eventually, because obviously it made it into the book, but it took some time.

There's always a solution to these things in papercrafting, but it usually takes time (or distance) to figure them out.

Another quick example. I was making something just last week and I liked the green grass under the chick, but the card wasn't going where I wanted it to. You know what I mean by going? It wasn't kicking it.

I left it and came back hours later. As soon as I caught sight of the card as I was sitting back down at my desk, the answer hit me right between the eyes - literally, because it was a visual thing. Oh, I've gotta make it in other colours! I did and it worked and get this, the whole thing is different to how I was going to make it in the first place.

Happen to you too?

So, in summary, my favourite colour combo is 'cream with all colours including a couple of those in different shades'. 

Rather lengthy and specific colour combo, isn't it?

Feel free to share yours!



  1. Love that clown. I want to make one too. Very pretty colour combos.

  2. You can, you've got the right daughter to help you achieve that goal! Ha ha :o)

  3. Hi Debra,
    I don't have a favourite colour combo. It all depends on what I'm working on & what it's for. The only colour I have a thing about is green. I rarely use green on anything because I don't like it. I do use it but mostly for the obvious things. Christmas, grass, trees.

  4. Matchy Sister SuziApril 11, 2011 at 11:07 AM

    I still love pink and brown - it's been a favourite for a few years now. That and aubergene and taupe which is are in my bedroom!

  5. No green, Jammie? My no-colour is purple, just don't like it. We all have our quirks!

  6. Pink and brown, that's you. And the other one too! Sounds like that rug you made one year - a lot of purples, pinks and reds - sorta?


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