11 April 2011

Revamp, redo, repeat or recycle - part 2

Hi there,

A week or so ago, I talked about revamping, redoing, repeating or recycling something you've already made into something new.

I talked about it because it's hard to slip into the creative mode sometimes.

When we create we don't have to originate! Ha ha, that's my new saying. It's a goodie, sometimes I just want to create, not necessarily create anything new. You know the deal, right?

Well, I took my own advice and did a bit of recycling recently.

You may remember this card I posted around Christmas.

Remember him?


And oh so simple - never oh so simple the first time, but oh so simple to re-create the ten times after.

I rarely do that - you know, make ten of the same good card, but I should. I mean, we're talking about making and not thinking, and that's making and not thinking to a T.

Ah, my favourite part of this guy is his nose. His shiny nose. Just makes him, well...shine, really.

My other fav bit is the scallop heart beard because I never thought I'd use a scallop heart. Just thought they were dodge really and never saw any use for them.

In enters the scallop heart at Christmas as another beard option and it didn't leave my desk until after Valentine's Day. Used it to make lots of hearty lollypops and bunting and hanging things.

I love disregarding a punch and then finding it's oh so cool. There's something oh so cool about that.

Okay, onto the ravamp, redo, repeat or recycle concept.

Let's call this one a revamp.

Scroll up (did you? Back to the Santa?) - yep, same card base with a character type thing going on.

I couldn't really think of a word to repeat for the chick, so I went with a speech bubble instead. Worked.

The key with the four Rs is to start with a concept and then see where it takes you.

Art never works when you try to push into a box. It just doesn't. I've tried it and I'm never happy with what I do.

So, chick got a speech bubble and some grass. I've done the Easter display for Photo Continental and this grass is on everything.

Chicks, rabbits, eggs and grass...they're the theme. And bunting. It's still a theme. And the bright colours. Another theme. And no red. The last theme. And cards that warm my heart because I love 'em so much because of the characters, bunting and bright colours. Yep, theme.

The grass is Martha's Ribbon Loop combo set (corner and border) - PC had a few sets last week when I was there. Totally cool and it needs a mow :o) Just like 'round here.

Hello, chickie.

Yes, you.

Welcome back to some cards.

We haven't seen you for while, have we? Glad you're back though, you're my favourite, but don't tell the bunny that.

The speaking bubble punch is an EK Success one called Photo Captions. It's got three different sized speaking bubbles on it. Perfect to go with punch art and have been dying to use it for ages. Used it here too.

Actually this one looks more like the chick card I ended up with!

I think I used them both as inspiration now that I think about it.

I did - I remember now - I thought three eggs floating around the place would look silly, so I put them in some grass instead. There you go, go with the flow and go with what the current card needs.

And also yak on about using one card as inspiration when in fact you used another!

Good one, Debra.

Here are the said eggs.

Easter hunts require hidden eggs, not floating eggs, so grass (and a little flower to finish), was the order of the day.

Speaking of cooking speak, have you heard of Heston Blementhal? He's an amazing British chef and a new show started last Thursday night. He took on aeroplane food - amazing. You can catch the episode online if you missed it. We missed the last 10 mins and I caught up there.

I've seen some of his feasts...another show of his on SBS...Heston's Feasts (or something like that). The last one I saw was a seaside/fishy type one and what he did was incredible.

The guy's a genius.

So, hope you liked the chickie card. I do. I should, I made it :o) Will be back soon with another Easter card based on the four Rs!

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