06 April 2011

A Scrap Quiz - What's on my scrap desk right now?

Well, let's see!

What is on my scrap desk? 

So fun. 

The die is hiding behind there too. I've used a few on pages already. Go me. 

I love this thing. 

Makes sticking everything down so much easier. 

Problem is, it's so fun to use that I can tend to get sticky tape happy and use way much more than I need to! Pull it back, Debra, pull it back. 

Note the little ticket in the page protector. Nice.  


Always photos. 

I think this answers where I get my photos developed, but I have more to say about that later.

And Kilometrico pens. They rock. If I can't find one in within 10 secs in the house (as if) I will go and buy another 10 pack. Yep, 10 at a time. 

A layout of the fellas fixing the car downstairs. 

We (mostly me) love red accents in this house and I just noticed all the red accents in the layout above. My red shoes, the red cupboard, the red head rest on the roller thing, the red tool box - so funny. They're (except for my shoes) red accents for men! 

And Cody's ball is red and green too! Good for seeing in the grass. 

Maybe the red accents thing should be part of the story for the page :o)

What else is on my scrap desk?

New scissors I bought at Woolies. 

Mum had some small scissors with long, thin blades and I immediately got tool envy and decided I needed some too. 

Then whammo, I saw them while grocery shopping and chucked them in my trolley with nary a hesitation.


And only 5 bucks. 

Another layout.

This is the left side - the other was the right side. 

My glue of choice. 

Bought it in Big W, but they don't seem to carry it anymore. Pity, it was about $8.70 or something like that. Officeworks has it for about 10 bucks and we found it online somewhere too. 

Nice to have options, but it's not like I don't have enough glue to use here in the meantime. Glue is something I seem to amass a lot of. You?

A not-so-glamorous, but very functional, rubbish bin

Got it at IKEA years ago for 5 bucks. It's good because it's thin, but long.

It's the best bin I've used! 

Bits and pieces on the extra table space (that was supposed to only be there for the summer...hmmm). 

Cuttlebug. Love it. 

Another container that has my thin dies in it - and some scissors. They don't usually live there. 

Pile of photos to scrap with other bits. 

One of my favourite Tonic knives

Huge photo of my living room - 6 x 8 and a quote from Becky Higgins that says "Who said life had to be exciting to take photos and document stories?" 

Reason I took the photo - I walked into my living room one day and got a huge blast of a cold air, and a memory. Ah, this is summer, I thought. Air con on, Christmas decorations up, ironing to do, Christmas presents to buy and wrap, scrapping happening - you know, and I wanted to document it.

Reason I got it enlarged - Because I know myself well enough to know that I'll want that sucker nice and big in the future, so I can pour over it. Also see paragraph below.

Mum has a photo of Dad as a 17 (or so) year old sitting on the couch in his childhood lounge room with Uncle Frank and Pappa nearby and Granny on the piano. It's staged, but it captures their life at the time. It's fun to see what they are wearing and doing. Also to see the room and how a lot of things did/didn't change over the years.

Hello? Reason behind big living room photos! And because we live in our living room the most, it changes all the time, which is the point. To see the progression and see how things change, or stay the same.

Click, click, I say.

(I've taken two more photos of our living room since - have a total of three now. Really like 'em).

One last thing on my desk (besides the pink mat and the light) - a cute cupcake ticket. 

Made it the other day and threw it on here to put on a page sometime. 

That's it, that's what's on my scrap desk right now. 

Wait, I forgot something. 

I forgot my Tonic guillotine trimmer

You can see it under the layout there. It's long and thin - perfect for my scrapping needs. I wanted something to cut 12 x 12 strips with, but I didn't want a wide base on it. This was the perfect solution and it has an extender arm if I need it. I rarely pull it out - I just guess if I'm going above 6 inches. 

You know when you buy something and it turns out so great that you pat yourself on the back every time you use it? That's what this trimmer is to me. 

Pat-o-back worthy. 

And so's our Panasonic DMC-TZ5 camera. It's a compact and it's fab. It's an older model now (was when we bought it - you know, not the newest one out), but I'd buy another in a second. 

That's all for today - bye now!


  1. You have alot on your desk!! Mine is empty most of the time now as I rarely get in there. I have wondered about those Scotch ATG. They look cool!! My try & get one.

  2. They're a lot of fun! Check the link above to get it from Shannon - she'll look after you!


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