12 April 2011

Revamp, redo, repeat or recycle - part 3


Me again. 

No surprise there! 

Talking about Santa and the inspiration he gave me to make a similar card. 

Another revamp, if you will. 

Again, no single word like ho ho ho, but grass instead. I did think of hop hop hop, but I didn't have a stamp.

Could've written it in white pen, I suppose. Great idea after the whole card's made.

Here he is again.

In the grass this time.

The green shred is from Spotlight, as are the eggs. I love Spotlight and find some great stuff down there. The bags (of shred) were only a couple of dollars (got 'em on special too) and they have a tonne in them.

More of that loopy grass I love so much. So fun to hide the eggs in it.

And the eggs are Sullivans balloons with the rubbery knotty bit trimmed. They don't have egg punches. Rats to that.

And the kicker that binds the two cards?

The shiny nose that's mounted with foam tape. Mounting with foam tape kicks a goal.

Dimensional Magic - it's a staple in this crafting kitchen for it's shiny adding abilities, and for it's 'I'm great for sticking buttons down' abilities too. Winner winner chicken dinner!

So remember, want to make a card?

Revamp, redo, repeat or recycle something you've already made!


  1. dimensional magic is fab isn't it? i lurve it! thanks for the inspirations as always :>

  2. Yes! And no problemo - glad you're inspired!


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