13 April 2011

Rabbit card, I lied and Glaze pens v Dimensional Magic!

Hey there, 

A few things to talk about and share today. 

Firstly, this card - an Easter one I did recently. I've made quite a lot of things for Easter and they're on the table over at Photo Continental if you'd like to have a look. 

Mum just missed the new display by about half an hour last week. Or I missed Mum by half an hour! 

Here's the die I used for the cream layer on the card. Note the yellow graphic down the bottom that shows exactly what die cuts you get with the die. So fab. They never used to do this and it was hard to tell what the die actually was sometimes...so glad they've added it.

It's a mini book type die, but I rarely use them for things like that. I've made an actual card using it so far. Still haven't used the other bits yet - there's a label type shape, an oval and a ticket one on it too.

Pretty good.

Here's the punch that I used for the thought bubble for the rabbit, it's the Photo Captions one. A goodie that one.

I love this punch - so great. Speaking bubbles and punch art up the cute factor significantly.

And good news - all punches are 25% off for the month of April at PC! Wow, a great deal.

Okay onto the next part of this post - the part where I lied.

Note the rabbit ears.

Sullivans makes this punch. It only comes in orange, green and blue, or so I thought.

During class on Saturday I told the ladies that the punch comes in the three sizes above, but not in yellow. Orange is small, green is medium, yellow is large and blue is extra large, so you see, a size was missing.

When I needed a large ear recently, I cut the extra large one down to the size I wanted. We didn't have to do that in class, but still, I was just esplain'n the situation to the girls.

So I told 'em there was no yellow fish. And there wasn't - I knew that for a fact.

But there is now!

I went over to PC last Thursday and look what I found...ah yes, a yellow fish and now all the necessary sizes exist. The girls probably saw it hanging up when they went shopping and wondered why I fibbed to them :o)

Righto, now we've cleared that up, onto Glaze pens vs Dimensional Magic.

Just wanted to show the difference in shine that these two add. The Glaze comes in pen form and the DM comes in a bottle and is quite runny. I use both all the time, but for this post I just wanted to show you the difference on the rabbit's nose.

Okay, so here's the bunny's nose with clear Glaze pen on it.

There's shine there, but you can't see it well.

It's also quite flat. The shine, not the nose.

Here's the Dimensional Magic.

Remember, the DM is runny and it comes out pretty fast, particularly when the bottle is full.

I always up-end it on some scrap paper first because there's usually an air bubble that needs to come out, and then I keep it up-ended, and move it above the bit I want to gloss and then apply it carefully.

Sometimes I just put a blob there and use a tool (anything) to move it around and get it to the edges.

Here's the result.

A lot more glossy and fab, don't you reckon?

Now, like I said, I love the Glaze pen and use it all the time, but on the really small little things like pink hearts.   I've got a lot more Easter things to show you over the coming weeks (unless you go to PC and see them first!) and you'll see a lot of pink hearts with clear Glaze on them. It's the way things rolled out this time.

Okay then, blogo-teers, have a great day!


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