14 April 2011

The chick with the coloured loops

Hey there everyone,

I feel like this blog is one long novel and I just pick up where I left off last time! 

Thought you might like to see the card I was talking about on my April 8 post. 

Remember this?

"Another quick example. I was making something just last week and I liked the green grass under the chick, but the card wasn't going where I wanted it to. You know what I mean by going? It wasn't kicking it.

I left it and came back hours later. As soon as I caught sight of the card as I was sitting back down at my desk, the answer hit me right between the eyes - literally, because it was a visual thing. Oh, I've gotta make it in other colours! I did and it worked and get this, the whole thing is different to how I was going to make it in the first place.

Happen to you too?"

Here's the card!

It's looking a little wonky because of the angle of the card.

It didn't want to stand up straight, you know.

Anyway, in real life the loopy borders at the top are straight. They kinda remind me of those candy eggs we used to get as kids. I saw some on the counter in the fruit shop the other day actually. You couldn't pay me to eat one now.

I'll stick to making paper versions, thanks.

There's clear Glaze pen on the pink heart - a very common theme this Easter. 

And this is the die I used to make the card. 

Sizzix clear Oval. 

I folded my card first, put the fold just inside the die edge, then die cut it. Another common theme this Easter. I love adding new things to what I do. 

Can you see me in the reflection of the plastic? ha ha

Enjoy your day, won't you?


  1. I would like to know what the sizes of the leaf you use on the chick and the girl's pony tail are. I believe they are a "birch" leaf, but I don't know what sizes to purchases. Really like your punch art ideas. My favorite thing to do! Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Becky,

    The leaves are Birch leaves, yes. The chick's wings are the small one and the ponytails are the medium size with a 1" head (or 1 1/8" head). Thanks for your lovely comments about my punch art - glad you like. Enjoy! Hope I've helped with the sizes, just email me if unsure.

    Bye now,


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