27 April 2011

A Scrap Quiz - What kinds of photos do you love to take?

Hey there everyone,

Hope you all had a great Easter!

(Just realised I've written that twice in two days...what with all the holidays going on at the moment I don't know if I'm coming or going. Hope you had a great Easter though. Asking twice is better than not asking at all, don't you think? ha ha)

Okay, I thought I'd shift gears today and do a Scrap Quiz question.

We're up to Question 3 - What kinds of photos do you love to take?

Lots, but I've got my favourites. Here they are....

Ones of the fellas when we're out and about. 

Notice the direction Cody's facing all the time? He's such a water dog.

Ha ha - going to the water.

Ones of him.

Look at that tongue. And again, near water, or on it :o) that was a new experience for him.

Ooooh, looove these.

The unawares shots. 

We were camping in the top shot and I was sitting around the fire. Turned to my left, zoomed and clicked. Got a couple of others at the same time - some of my favourites for 2010. Dad's eating some damper and he made some pretty nice billy tea too. Did the whole swinging thing and everything.

And above was just recently at a family birthday party. The party was for the little fella. Part party because it was for Joey too, for his dedication.

The everyday, 'we were here' shots. 

Look at all that ironing. I've got about as much waiting in the wings right now too. It never ends.

And note the Kilometrico pens - almost thought I had to go buy some because I couldn't find one within 5 secs the other day. It's a thing I have. Must always have pens handy.

(I love this photo. She was 100, can you believe that? Andrew's Grandma, what a lovely lady she was)

The 'pose for me' shots.

Okay, ready? Smile!

Love seeing happy faces - look at all Joey's teeth.

And the last type - the silly shots. 

This one was asked for....

This one was not :o)

He ran into the frame as eight-year-olds do. I almost deleted it, glad I didn't. A happy accidental photo.

So, there you go, they're the shots I love to take.

I do love photos - old and new. They're fab.

Love the people in them too. They're fabber.

Yes, even you, Jack. Mr-Run-Into-My-Frame...


  1. I love taking pictures of my kids. They never not want you to take a picture & they change so quickly. I try to take pictures of the ordinary stuff like your dinner plate or the letterbox but I always forget.

  2. Oh, I love those types of photos. The everyday dinner plate ones and stuff like that. I love that my mum took photos of us growing up. It was normal at the time, but I realise how special it is now. Photos rock, hey? :o)


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