30 March 2011

Don't you love the internet?

I do.

I love it.

I love that it can answer a lot of my questions and recently I had a burning question that just had to be answered.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was reading an old copy of Simple Scrapbooks magazine from April 2009. One of their last ones.

Anyway, I got to this layout...

Here, look more closely...

Journalling reads, "After your stunning performance on the way from Denver to Cleveland and back again, the next time I am willing to take you on an airplane will be the year 2018 (and quite frankly, maybe not then either). I'm not really kidding. April 2006."

I'm like, "What did she do?" I remember saying the same thing back in 2009 too.

You can see below that the story lives behind the photo on the layout, but it's like a teaser, we can't read it!

Right, I thought, time to get on the internet and find out! I found Elizabeth through Write.Click.Scrapbook, which I knew she was a part of, and emailed her about it.

She was very gracious and linked me over to her blog where she recorded the story in 2006. I told her in my return email that she'd been blogging a long time and that I didn't think I was even reading blogs in 2006, let alone writing one. And of course I said thanks for answering my question. 

So, do you want to know what Gracie's stunning performance was?

Thanks, Elizabeth. Thanks for putting this issue to rest for me and for giving me permission to share this story.

She was also pleased to report this -----> Gracie is almost 6.5 now, and successfully took a marvelous, uneventful trip by airplane to Ohio with Matt last April. They made it back without incident : )  

Good for you, Gracie!


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