29 March 2011

Mum's craft room

Hey there again,

Posting pics of Mum's craft room for you today.

Recently Mum said she was going to her craft room and Pete (who was visiting) said, "Going to your shed are you, Mum?"

Um, yep!

She uses a spare bedroom in their house as her shed. I actually wrote Punch Art Fun book 2 in this room. Not sure how I did it.

Like I mentioned previously, Dad made the hutch for her and it's been a winner from the beginning.

These pics were taken a while ago and I know Mum wants to get in there and go through all the stuff again and purge. I think she's feeling a need to purge.

You know how it is when you craft and use your space and after a while it just gets out of hand and every time you walk in you feel a bit stressed, disorganised and/or frustrated by the mess?

Yep, the usual signs of needing a 'move it on out' as I call it.

In fact, I've just done another one on my own craft desk. Moved stuff off my desk - that was the main priority. Feels good.

See the blue and black tote at the side there? She bought a lazy susan for it and the whole thing spins now. So great. I can see all her punches down the bottom there in the drawers. Oh, and a bear hiding under there. That sounds like a song...

Lots of paper lined up in the boxes to the side. Looks very clean and organised, doesn't it?

Wonder how it looks now, like, right now, at this exact moment? What's the bet it's not this clean? Usually means some crafty fun is going on!

And to finish. This is the other side of her room. The old trusty sewing machine and overlocker. I think an overlocker does that criss cross on the edge of your fabric or something so it doesn't fray, but all I know is, Mum thought it was the best thing ever when she bought it and whipped up so many things in a fraction of the time. She loved it. Do you use it for quilting too, Mum? Or was that what it was for in the first place?

That big fabric bag (that she made) holds her quilting mats and such. And can you see her sewing bag on top of the shelf? Cute. Yay, we match.

Well, there you go. We've reached the end of the posts dedicated to my creative mother, but I guarantee my mother hasn't reached the end of her creativity!

And one last thing.

What I find interesting, and I've only just noticed this, she's a fab sewer and a fab papercrafter, but I don't think she's ever combined the two. Have you sewed on a scrapbook page, Mum?

Righto, folks, bye now!

See you soon for another series I'm calling, A Scrap Quiz!


  1. Matchy Sister SuziMarch 29, 2011 at 8:30 PM

    Yeah that desk is a little too tidy there mum! hehe

  2. Have to laugh, yes, it looks really tidy. Not so on the sewing side at the moment. Now there is wool and crochet being sorted through. Those photos of the room make it look way more spacious and uncluttered than it really is. A fantastic room, love it.


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