01 April 2011

A Scrap Quiz

Hey there,

(This is not me. It's from a catalogue I found at my grandma's house)

Coming up on the old blogo is a series of questions I thought I'd answer in relation to scrapping and crafting.

It's just for fun and I thought you might like a peek into my crafting spaces, thoughts and processes.

I know I love to see what other people do and how they think. It's interesting and it's all part of the sharing and caring that comes with this craft.

To put it simply...

...so I thought I'd answer some questions in relation to that.

The questions I'll be tackling....

1. What's on your scrap desk right now?

2. What's your favourite colour combo?

3. What kinds of photos do you love to take?

You know, questions like that.

And questions like these...

4. Where do you get your photos developed?

5. Where do you scrap?

6. What's your scrapping process?

7. What's the motivation behind your crafting that pushes you to do what you do?

8. Where do you get your inspiration? 

9. Where do you store your albums?

10. How has your scrapping changed over the years?

A lot!

11. What do you like to scrap the most?

12. What's on your craft desk right now? (Different to my scrap desk).

13. How do you store your Nestabilities?

In a much better way than I did before.  

14. What are your favourite crafting tools? 

I think we know this one. 

15. What projects are you working on right now?

16. (Space reserved for another question if I think of one)

Okay, that's the quick overview for now. The questions might change (probably not) and they'll be spread over a few posts. We'll see what happens and just go with the flow. Like craft, writing is inspiration based, so I'll just go with it.

16. I thought of number 16. Where do you buy your scrapping and crafting stuff? 

Told ya, go with the flow and the thoughts that strike.

Til later...



  1. Hi Debra, lovely to hear from you! Loved catching up and reading your blog - you are so diverse in your topics. I loved "meeting" your mum, loved seeing her craft space, loved reading your questions here.

    That orange doiley you asked about started out white (from $2 shop Stacks at Carindale) I got about 100 in the pack, needless to say I gave my 5 year old daughter a "few" for her stash lol.

    I coloured the doiley with an orange versa colour inkpad, for some reason it turned out almost fluro lol.

    Have a great weekend, hope you guys are well.

  2. Hi Liz,

    Glad you liked all the posts about Mum and her stuff. She assures me that her room is not that tidy right now. A lotta wool everywhere!

    Wow, really, you coloured it? Such a great job you did, looks like you bought it like that. And I don't think it looks fluro at all in your pic. Just nice and matches the purple in fluro-ness, not that it's fluro! Matches the purple in saturation is what I mean. Anyway, nice job and yes, you get a lot of those suckers for a couple of bucks. I've got white and cream.

    Thanks for your reply - we're doing good here. Looking forward to holidays coming up soon. You must be too!

    Bye now!

  3. Hi Debra, YES looking forward to school holidays for sure and to Easter ;-)


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