10 February 2011

Valentine garland in our dining room, but there's a problem!

I don't like it! 

Okay, not true. 

I like it, but I don't love it. 

I think it's the doilies across the top...

Oh, rats, I hate when that happens! 

I have an idea in my head and it doesn't turn out...rats. 

Triple rats. 

I do like bits and pieces of it, don't get me wrong. 

I just don't like it as a whole... 

These are cute. 

They were in the Valentine's Day box that I did for PC. 

Eight hearts folded and glued together plus tulle. 

(Tulle from Spotlight - it was something something a metre. $7.99? $4.99? Not sure, bought it a while ago)

All the string is baker's twine. 

Of course. 

Made these pom poms out of tissue paper (the two pinks) and paper doilies (white) after seeing this video from the Spellbinders booth at the recent CHA. The pom pom bit starts at 3:22. 

They're pretty easy and fun. I've made similar with paper, which are nice too. 

The dark pink pom pom on the right there has 4 pom poms joined together like the orange one in the video. It's pretty full. The others just have two, back to back. 

I didn't use Spellbinders either, I used Sizzix dies - the Bigz Scallop circle ones. You just use what you have, hey?

The hanging hearts are from a Sizzix die with three hearts on it that I got on Monday at Photo Continental. I love that the dies nest and they're slightly tapered at the bottom too, which is nice. 

The other big heart is a Bigz one too - Clear Heart.

 It made huge lollypops! I did eight layers like the others, but because it's so big, maybe some extra layers would've been good.

I did do them in pom pom form though. The jury's still out on those. They got hung up, so lucky them.

It's all trial and error. 

I love the steel rule dies though, they can cut so much stuff. If nothing else they're good for cutting 4 layers of card at a time. Maybe more. It's a real bonus sometimes.

Die-cutting is just so fab. 

Oh man, I just don't like it. 

It's not working.

Will I leave it?

Or will I go and rip the doilies off and see if I'm right?

 They're the problem, I'm sure of it! 

Okay, that's it! 

I'm ripping them off! 

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