10 February 2011

The man likes donuts...

...so a card like this would work for him, especially if I took him for donuts after the card presentation.

Yep, he'd like that.

This card is a misrepresentation of the donuts we'd purchase.

There'd be no chocolate. It'd...no...they'd be the plain ones coated in sugar and they'd have to be straight out of the fryer. Too hot to touch. Yep, they're the best. Don't be trying to give us your pre-cooked ones, girlie. Yep, we'll wait.

The 'too hot' donuts would be accompanied by a milkshake if I know my man. And I do. That, or a chocolate Breaka. Never knew chocolate milk could be so good until I married him. Love is good, it opens you up to new possibilities in food :o)

Hmm, I think an idea is born. Donuts and chocolate milk it is. Nice one.

Hold on. Problem. Where are we going to get donuts straight out of the fryer on a Monday night? Might have to do a pre-cursor to Valentine's Day and go out on the weekend for the treat. Sounds like a plan.

Yes, people, I've taken the camera to the shopping centre - it feels weird, but it's life!



  1. The kids and I did this the other day - gotta have them straight out of the fryer, not yr 'oh these are fresh ones here' nup, nope, no way! Straight out of the fryer for us too ... poop, now I want donuts!!! Happy is the man with donuts and choccy milk :o)

  2. :o) Ah yes, seems like we're not alone. And that goes the same for hot chips. Yep, they're fresh. Um, no they're not. Yep, I'll wait.


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