11 February 2011

The new garland

Okay, so I did it! 

I went out and ripped (they were only stapled with one staple) the doilies off the top and ah....so much better!

I knew it was the doilies...

I love it now. 

It's nice to love (and therefore enjoy) something that you put a bit of time into :o)

Now when I look at them from the other side of the room, they look as if they're floating now, just how I like them.

I particularly like the five hearts hanging down there - there's only one string of them, so it's a feature.  

There's the full pink pom pom - remember that's four of the ones on the video. It's kinda a lot, but it's good. 

And you can see the heart pom poms too (there's another light pink one out of shot). Jury's still out. Andrew reckons they're okay. I think they look like apples.

He liked the garland. I did it on Weds night and he saw it yesterday morning. 

He then saw it again last night when I ripped the doilies off. He didn't notice the difference though - I didn't expect him too either. 

Now, I'd spent time making the doilies to stick on there in the first place, so I wasn't going to waste them. I ended up doing this...

It's the purpose of having a dresser - to stick garlands on!

I've since adjusted the bottom one - needed to dangle more. 

Just out of interest, Andrew doesn't like the doilies - lol. 

He thinks they're old fashioned and he just doesn't like them. He also said he's a boy, so that's probably why too. 

I just said okay and we let it go (I wasn't offended at all). At least he didn't ask me to take them down. He wouldn't do that, but it's funny when he expresses a real dislike to stuff I make.

He likes the other garland though and thinks it's a nice display. Thanks, babe. 

So, what do you think? 


Or without?


  1. without! and I like the doilies on the dresser!

  2. I'm with you dynamo4 - def no doilies! Love the dresser garlands although I'm still not so sure. I guess I'm with Andrew on the doily front - make em into a pompom thingo ..

  3. Hi girls, thanks for your input - 'no doilies' is the winner it seems. I got an email from a lady who said the same, no doilies. Funny. :o)


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