14 December 2010

This is a fun project...

...if you do it the right way. I guess all projects are more fun if you do them the right way, hey?

What do you call this?

It's not bunting.

It's not a garland.

I'll just call it a string of lights because that's what it is.

I used the Sizzix Originals Die - Christmas Lights #2. If you look at the link, the picture has five lights on it, but the die has two when you cut them out. And they're bigger than the ones in the picture. The die size itself is a bit smaller than the regular-sized Bigz ones. It's the size of the Tim Holtz edger ones.

It's a fun die, but you have to use it the right way like I said before to make them work back to back. The lights themselves are not exactly the same, or symmetrical, so it's best to cut them together so they match.

To explain: Cut your paper to fit the die and put them together with the right sides facing out. Place both on the die and cut. You'll end up with two pairs of lights that'll match perfectly when you glue them. I cut all of mine individually and when I went to glue them together and they didn't match. You might be able to see what I mean in the bottom photo. I did trim some to make them look neat.

I also cut gold tops for my lights too. I like the look.

Here they are hanging on my dresser here at home. Stuck them there with blu tack for the photo.


See how the red lights don't match?

It's a bit hard to tell because of the pattern, but if I'd have cut those two lights together, they'd be perfect. Make sense?

All the papers I used were from K and Co's Peppermint Twist collection that I got from Photo Continental and used for the craft tree decorations too. The string of lights is currently on display at PC with the tree. The die's still here though, maybe I'll make myself another string to hang back on that dresser.

Gosh, so many ideas, so little time.

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