14 December 2010

Some childhood Christmas memories...

1. I can still see those colourful, shiny decorations in our house when I was eight. They were strung across the dining room.

2. I remember sitting in front of the Christmas tree and looking right up to the top of it. Wow, it was huge.

3. I remember being upset that I only had one present on the end of my bed while my sister had about eight. I'd kicked mine off onto the floor...

4. We both got the biggest, hugest, most massive eraser you've ever seen in your life that year. I can still see the massive word ERASER on it. Like, OKAY, I'LL ERASE SOMETHING!

5. I still remember the gold watch I got and how surprised I was. I never told anyone I wanted it and just looked longingly at it. How did Mum know?

6. I remember waiting excitedly for both sets of grandparents to arrive around 11 am Christmas morning.

7. Going to Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas party was a highlight every year. I remember being in the car once trying to contain my excitement. I was going to get three presents that night. One from Grandpa and Grandma (always a goodie) and two from the uncles and aunties. It was always a loud, fun night and I LOVED it.

8. I love how Christmas Days weren't rushed and busy, but fun and quiet. I was a kid remember, so I wasn't in the kitchen!

9. I remember playing The Game of Life one Christmas night. Granny wore a cap because the wall lights were in her eyes. I do exactly the same thing now.

10. I used to love celebrating with the whole church at a pool party at the local pool. I remember the white belt I got one year.

11. Ha ha. Grandma used a rubber band to tie the turkey legs together and someone tasted what it did to the turkey. I think there was a bit of spitting and yuk yukking going on. She wrote "don't use a rubber band" in her Christmas list book.

12. I remember going to church every Christmas morning and singing carols. They were shorter services and we got home a lot earlier than usual.

Ah, Christmas. Thank you, Lord, it's all about You.

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