22 October 2010

Craft show Friday...

Hello again!

Wow, another day at the show.

It was busier today. The keen ones (who can) come on Weds, less people come on Thursday, a lot of ladies come on Friday and Saturday we get hammered. Sunday is usually slower in the morning and is busy for a couple of hours in the middle of the day.

It all ebbs and flows, but the shows tend to ebb and flow in the same way. When I saw the line up today, I knew it'd be busier...it was.

A couple more shop shots.

Lots of product. Teena brought a few more dies in. Sizzix dies rock, but they're heavy to bring to shows.

The people I work with - Peter and Stephen. Karen, Teena and Peter (again).

Peter and I work down the same end of the stand and today we compared display spaces...


Boring! Told him I was going to put it on the blog too. Ha ha. Funny.


Pretty. Tried to make it pretty.

It never stays neat though, I'm always fixing it up.

They're all Martha punches and at $20 a pop, they're mooooving out the door!

Wow, fab. This is me after nearly a full day at the show. Ravishing. Not.

It's busy and my feet get sore, but I have fun. Sometimes it can border on hysterical...know those times when you're on the verge? Right on the tip and you're about to go over? Yep, happens at about 4:15 pm...


Phew, fun stuff.

Two days to go!

Not sure when I'll get to post next, but have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like you are having fun though, great bargains.


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