21 October 2010

Craft show happenings...

Hi there,

How are you this week?

I've been at the craft show and I was going to post yesterday afternoon when I came home, but was shattered and went to bed with a raging headache. Not good. Sometimes happens on the first day of the show - it's a bit of a shock to the system for someone who works from home :o)

Today I was better - different (more spongy) shoes, more light to work by and well, I was used to it again. Good.

Oh, and guess what? I have a bandage around my left pointer finger - had an altercation with my guillotine on Monday. Not good. It hurt. Gave me a bit of a shock - I cried. I bandaged myself up (no stitches needed or anything), rang Andrew for sympathy and did light duties for a couple of hours. I didn't cut anything off, I just cut into my finger and nail. Yeeeow. And of course it's quite ironic that I'm at the craft show with a crafting injury. The (lovely) ladies are like, "What happened to your finger?" and I'm like, "A guillotine." Cue scrunched noses all around.

Anyway, onto the show happenings. I'll just give you the basics...I'm having trouble typing here...

The specials Photo Continental have on are:

* Big Shot - $119 (can you believe that? So cheap. They're $169 in-store).

* Cuttlebug (pink one) - $119 (no C plate, so Big Shot is the better deal).

* A2 Cuttlebug embossing folders - $7 each.

* 5 x 7 Cuttlebug embossing folders - $9.50.

* Cheap, it's all cheap....

Martha, Martha, Martha. Look at them all. Over 40 new ones - they're mainly Christmas. I bought the Vintage Ornament and the Vintage Doily and....yep, bought a few.

See the price? That's why!

Three or more and they're $20 each. The full price of the Vintage Ornament is $35...major saving....and honestly, Martha punches are just so cool. And stylish.

There are some Craft Concepts embossing folders there - $7.50 each or buy all 12 for 50 bucks and save 40. Amazing.

Tim Holtz embossing folder sets (released in Jan) are $10 each instead of $20. There's two in each set, so that's $5 a folder.

See the pillow type box packages? They're the new packaging for the Sizzix embossing folders. They look cool, but we can't fit as many on the hooks.

What other specials are there? The sets of four Cuttlebug folders - the Cricut Companion ones, but they can be used without the Cricut - are $22 each. $5.50 a folder. I like the Robotz set and the Preserves set. Made a card using the Robotz set today.

There are other deals too, but they're the main ones to me. You know, punches and tools. Like 'em.

If you come and see us, we're in aisle G.

Oh yes, if you come before 9am and leave between 3 and 6pm, your parking is only $11. It's a new rate. So much cheaper than when I was there in June.

And look at the puppy. He was going to see his cousin today, but couldn't. Poor fella, I hate it when he's by himself for hours on end. We threw the ball around the yard when I came home, so he was happy.

Okay, must go!

Bye for now,



  1. I know, but it's getting better now and I can finally type properly again!


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