24 October 2010

Craft show Sunday

Wow, last day at the show today. My feet are glad I can tell ya.

Was actually busier than normal today. Slow as usual in the morning (everyone sleeps in!) and then it picked up in the arvo. Lots of ladies were out and about looking at all the bits and pieces. 

Oh yes, found out yesterday the parking for $11 was only during the week. Hope that didn't catch any of you out.

Met Liz, thanks for stopping by to say hi, Liz. It was great to meet you! And I think the fact that you made the front cover rocks!

Now, onto our display areas.

Remember Peter's? lol Pretty bad and boring.

He decided to step it up today and put this flower together.


Then he really decided to step it up and went to town. It's pretty impressive!

(That's the E-Craft by Craftwell by the way. It's like a Cricut machine, but it doesn't use any mats. It comes in blue, purple and hot pink too). 

So, what'd you think?

Not bad...for a fella.

Of course it didn't stay that way because of all the demonstrating, but still, he tried. And we had a laugh about it (lots actually) which is what it's all about. 

Thanks, Pete, I enjoyed working with you. Laughing is good.

Enjoyed working with everybody. We always have fun.

I changed my bits and pieces today too - also stuck them down because it was the last day.

Lots of punches sold out, so I took them off the table and added the ones we had in stock. Everyone loved the Gifts punch - looks like a cityscape at the top, don't you think?

And contrast, it's all about contrast. That blue background paper was my best friend for five days - it sold a lot of punches, I reckon!

(I taught Pete about contrast and he taught me about static displays. It's all about the sharing)

A coupla shots of me working.

Spot the difference?

Pete put the punch in. Holiday Lights - Deep Edger from Martha.

I punched it in cream first and then punched bits in all colours for the lights. Cut them and glued them to the cream. Fiddly, but nice in the end. You could also punch it in green and add some different flowers over the lights. Or do just one row of party lights. Cut off the top row of them, you know? I was going to do that but didn't get to. Lots of possibilities.

Just one last pic of my station.

See that join there where the two tables meet? My area was supposed to stop there, but I always tend to encroach on the next table (Pete's). I've always got so much stuff around I can't help it! It's a bit of a running joke now. Here comes Debra, watch it, she'll take over your space! And look out, I will too!

Okay, that's all for the craft show stuff. It was a good one. I'll be back next year.

Time to put my feet up and have a cup of tea.




  1. Hi Debra, it was fantastic to meet you finally! Loved chatting with you and loved seeing you in action a few times!

    Loved reading your Craft Show stories and photos, thanks for sharing!

    Have a great week and a well earned break Debra! Hope Andrew gives good foot massages!

  2. Hi again Liz,

    Great to meet you too after so long! Loved chatting like you said and finding out a bit more about you.

    Still getting back into the swing of things. I don't think I woke up at all yesterday! And yes, he does and did. Lucky me.


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