03 September 2010

I'm making this...

Whoa, baby.

It's from the June issue of Better Homes and Gardens. I put the issue in the light and snapped this photo. I only borrowed the magazine from my sister after I'd been making it for weeks from a couple of pics from the internet (someone had made it and her friend took photos and put them on her blog). Basically I've been making the whole thing up.

I've just discovered by looking at the picture that the green layer has a ruffle. Mine doesn't have a ruffle and now I have to figure out how to put one on.

I can't follow a pattern to save my life, so that's no help. Plus, I think I was meant to start in the middle and crochet around in a square, which would make it easy to add a ruffle. I started with a 50 cm chain (actually I just kept crocheting until it went over my cushion insert) and then crocheted in rows.

Just in looking at the pic above though, it looks like it's in rows like mine. Phew, got that bit right.

I'll figure out a ruffle. If all else fails, I'll go ask the crochet queen (Grandma). I'm planning to show her the cushion anyway (some of it is her wool too), so I'm sure she'll sort me out.

I'm loving crocheting again. I was desperate to make something this year, but didn't want to do another scarf! My mouth dropped open when I saw the cushion online and knew I wanted to make it.

Andrew thinks it's granny. 

Sue (sister) thinks it's loud, which means she's not sure about it and probably has an eyebrow raised! 

I think it rocks.



  1. It is loud but I do like it and I did have my eyebrow raised when i first saw it. Not at the cushion per say just that you were doing a bit of crocheting again! Ruffles are easy ...

  2. Oh right! Crochet, I love my crochet. Too many scarves made, so glad when I saw the cushion. I did the ruffle too. :o)


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