06 September 2010

A special place

I talked about Green Gables in my random post last Monday and thought you'd like to see the rest of the photos today.

Green Gables is below and the pink flowers are there in the picture.

This is Anne's room.

I can almost hear her talking in my head.

"Oh, Marilla, I'm in the depths of despair!"

A close up of the flowers.

Love the shells - very Anne.

This is Marilla's sewing area on the other side of the house.

I love these still shots. Still, in more ways than one.

The path from here goes to the Haunted Woods, I think it is.

Don't be scared, Andrew :o)

Here are the flowers - so pretty.

I loved Green Gables. Just loved it. 

What I love now too is that the photos evoke all the good memories I have of the movies. Not just the movie itself, but where I was and who I was with when I watched it each time. Lots of good memories there.

There's Anne of Green Gables and then the sequel, but I see it all as one long movie - ah, how many times have I seen it? 20, maybe. I'm guessing, and that sounds excessive, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Ask my brother how many times he's seen The Man From Snowy River...I'll bet it's 100. He watched it every Saturday morning for what seemed like years when we were growing up. And now he makes whips. It's no wonder after all that whip cracking he was watching :o)

So, one of my best travelling experiences? Visiting Green Gables, especially because everyone else had moved on and I got to spend a few minutes upstairs in the house by myself to take the photos.

*Happy sigh*


  1. I know, miss it. Reading Anne's House of Dreams now. :o)


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