02 September 2010

Blog award

Hi there everyone.

Gail from the blog "After All These Years" nominated me for a blogging award. Thanks, Gail, was nice of you.

The rules of the award state I have to list 10 of my favourite blogs and 10 things about me.

Let's see, favourite blogs?

1. Actually, Gail's blog is a favourite. Check it out.

2. Melissa Goodsell (crochet queen).

3. Kristina Werner - love her videos.

4. 1000 Awesome Things - this blog makes me smile because little things are awesome.

5. The Pioneer Woman - if you haven't read Black Heels to Tractor Wheels (the story of how she met her husband), read it!

6. The Lettered Cottage - Leila and hubby decorate like nobody's business.

7. Dawn McVey - lovely cards and great photos of them too!

8. Stephanie Howell - so fab, what can I say?

9. Jennifer McGuire - what a talented lady.

10. Robyn - My Pink Stamper. She does videos using the Cricut. I don't own a Cricut, but I totally get her passion for craft. She loves her Cricut as much as I love my punch art.

Well, there you go. A totally random list of blogs I enjoy, some crafting, some not.

Now, 10 things about me?

1. Sometimes I like to play music really loud. Like, so loud that I can't think about anything else, which is the point. This is very sporadic and my ears can only take so much, but it's the way I am and I just go with it. Not feeling in the groove to cook dinner? Shut all the windows and doors and crank it up!

2. I am considering pulling all my Tupperware and other plastic containers out of the drawers in the kitchen and spreading them all out somewhere maybe, so can actually see what I have and then doing a cull. I have two big drawers that are way too full and you can't tell me we use it all. We don't. Some of it has gotta go.

3. I am a total re-reader of books. I like to know what I'm getting because I read for security and comfort, not excitement and discovery.

4. I'm a total re-watcher of movies too. Again, like to know what I'm getting and put a movie on to suit my mood.

5. I write notes all the time, so I have notepaper everywhere in the house. Everywhere.

6. My favourite chocolate is Cherry Ripe, but I never eat the whole bar at once. Too sweet.

7. My favourite thing to do on the weekend is to take Cody to the beach with Andrew and chuck the ball around.

8. I have both the Big Shot and the Cuttlebug. I like them both for different reasons, but honestly, I've realised recently that the Cuttlebug just has the X-factor. There's something about it that you can't really explain in words, but it just rocks. All the X-factor ads on telly have influenced me with the use of the X-factor phrase, but it's a goodie. The Cuttlebug has the X-factor and that's it!

9. My favourite card base colour is cream. All the walls in my house are cream. I love cream, especially with yellow, white and wood (in home decor, that is).

10. I'm nearly out of ideas, one last thing, one last thing. Looking around the room...my favourite punch of the moment (and it's really hard to narrow down) is the Donut Chain from EK Success. Love it and knew I would when I saw it online. Ever bought a punch that you loved when you bought it, but found you didn't when you got it home because it was too hard to use, just didn't cut it or something like that? Yep, I've had a few and the Donut Chain isn't one of them.

Okay, done. Thanks again for the award, Gail. I think I changed things up a bit there with the blogs I nominated. :o)

Bye for now, everyone. Have a great day.

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