04 August 2010

Well, hello...

...the Cuttlebug's been re-designed!

Click here to see a video on it.

Whaddya reckon? Interesting. I like the newer green/cream combo. Not sure about the crank handle. I like the design.

In the video above, Maggie shows a lot of the new Cuttlebug folders, but they're hard to see properly. Click below for a better look in the catalogue.

Click here to see the Provo CHA catalogue - all the Cuttlebug stuff starts on page 29 - 35. Click the left hand corner (top or bottom) to turn the pages.

(If the above link doesn't work, go to www.provocraft.com and click on the CHA catalogue button on the front page)

Look at all the new folders they're coming out with! Gosh, I get where they're going with them, but I like choosing individual ones. What do you think?

My favourites (for one reason or another) are (which means I wouldn't necessarily purchase, but I like):

~ Robotz - cute set for little boy stuff. I'd cover some of the squares in the grid with punch art, or the child's name.

~ That giraffe is cute in Create A Critter. He's my kinda guy.

~ The pears in Preserves. Fruit is good.

~ The cupcake background in Once Upon a Princess. Would like to see in person if it's too much.

Note the different sizes of the folders. Two in the set are 5 x 7 and two are regular.

~ All the kitchen items (top left) in Retro Kitchen. What are the things on the yellow one to the right? The other 5 x 7. Flowers? Donuts? Mixing bowls? I'm guessing, I've no idea!

~ Nifty Fifties is fun. I love stuff from the fifties and those icons are right on. I like the hello one. Could crank out a lot of cute, easy cards with that.

That being said...how many cards can one crank out in one's lifetime anyway?! I could do this, I could do that. But will I, that's the burning question!

Listing one's favourites doesn't cost anything, so I'll continue on.

~ Bunting with the bird in Birthday Bash. Love this. Hate the bird. Don't hate, wish he wasn't there. Man, that would've been a winner. Could make it work, and would, if I could buy it individually. A bunting embossing folder = no brainer.

Are all these companion cartridges? Heard of those? They're sets of four that go with Cricut cartridges of the same name. I know Preserves, Once Upon a Princess etc are Cricut carts, but I don't know if all these are.

~ Love the tent in Paisley. My dancing clown from Book 2 page 36 would look mega cute under that big top.

I like the folders that enhance the punch art. Ones that go with.

Bunting with a chick (my chick) on it.

Tent with clown under it.

Stuff like that.

~ Gotta love the trucks/digger background in Boys Will Be Boys. Cute.

~ And the arrows background is a good idea too.

Just read the info at the bottom (it helps!) and they're all companion cartridges. If I bought the folders they'd be companions to me because I don't own a Cricut.

Would I buy all those folders above?



One word.


Two words.

They don't come individually.

Can't make that many cards in my lifetime.

Okay, that was 12.

One word.

Will still keep looking around the joint to see what's out there though, because I love it.

Okay, that was 17.

Can't count today. Must be cuppa tea time!

Bye now, have a great day!

PS. I just got onto Photo Continental's site to check on my classes and guess what? They have some of the new folders in stock. Click here to check 'em out.

PPS. Urggh! I still can't tell what those icons are on the yellow folder in the Retro Kitchen collection!


  1. I must agree, wish they'd sell them separately! (maybe ebay usa?) Rebecca


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