03 August 2010

Bits and pieces of this and that...

Do you have days where you know you've done a lot, but you feel like you've done nothing? Today was one of those for me, it's been good, but I wish I'd done more.

Scrapbooking things I did today:

Not much, but I fixed my album.

I use post bound and one of the protectors was split at the bottom. Out came the posts. Out came the pages. A lot of mucking around.

The two posts were uneven too, so I had to fix that. Replaced them with some spares I had, lucky it worked.

We all know that scrapbooking isn't just actually sticking the photos in - it's stuff like this too, mucking around with albums, photo developing, photo uploading, walking back and forth to your room to get that paper you forgot (I scrap in the living room and the stuff I needed was in my room) - all that.

To reduce the mucking around in the future, I'm switching to ring bound albums. I'm done with the posts - done, done, done!

Because I can't just leave the albums I already have unfilled, I'm filling them first. Before the switch. Can't wait for the switch, but I'm filling first.

Here's a sample of my scrapbooking.

I scrap chronologically.

And I love it.

Card making stuff I did today:

Umm, nothing.

Last night I sorted out some papers and worked out some cards I'd like to make, does that count?

Blogging stuff I did today:

~ Took photos of some future things I'm going to share. Two words, vintage and crochet. But not related. Actually, crochet is vintage, but the crochet and vintage I'm talking about aren't related.

~ Uploaded photos of the aforementioned vintage and crochet items. They were fine, only two re-takes.

~ This. I did this blog entry, although it's extremely late!

~ Sorted out a few other photos for the old blogo.

Housework things I did today...oh, please, I won't bore you with that!


  1. Hi! Thanks for all the great comments on my blog lately! Don't you just love blogs???

  2. Hey Gail,
    No probs - thanks for yours! And YES, YES I do! Love yours, read it all the time. :o)


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