16 August 2010


What do you think?

Do you like tickets?

They've been around for a little while now, but as it usually goes, they start small and then wham, they get huge. Tickets are big right now and I'm liking it.

May Flaum wrote an article for Scrapbook Update recently that talked about all the ticket products available at the moment. You can check out the article here if you like.

(My links used to be orange, but for now they're pink. Blogger has taken my orange out of the colour choices. I miss it!)

May suggests checking out etsy for ticket products. I did a few months ago and got the ones above. They're like real tickets and I tuck them behind things and whatnot. And they were cheap. Can't tell you how much (can't remember), but they were cheap. You can pick up some cool, cheap finds on etsy. Beware though, cute stuff awaits! I'm just warning ya...

May also said that she could see herself using the new postage stamp punch from Fiskars to make tickets. Nice idea.

The problem I've had with tickets in the past is you have the ticket, but nothing to put inside it, or the stamp with no ticket to put it on.

The people-that-make-it-happen at Papertrey Ink are rockstars when it comes to fixing these types of problems - they've come up with dies and stamps to match (and not just tickets).

One of their latest offerings is a ticket die, a ticket stamp set and a ticket Impressions plate background.

Hello! It all makes sense. Buy the die, cut some tickets out and stamp the things you want inside. Perfect. Their impression plates are different to anything else on the market because they don't work like the embossing folders that emboss, but rather like letterpress and deboss. They're very elegant and lovely actually.

If you look at the link you'll see pics of two designs for each plate - they come as the one plate with a design on each side. And hello - more making sense again - the woodgrain plate has a horizontal and vertical option. Love that. I've noticed a lot of the other embossing folders on the market are mainly vertical options because of the specific design. I make a lot of horizontal cards and like horizontal options.

Anyway, Papertrey Ink rocks. Really. I love products that all make sense.

If you'd like to check out what some of their products look like (like the plates etc) go to Dawn McVey's blog or Betsy Veldman's blog - great designers those girls. There are other Papertrey designers too. Here's a Papertrey Ink gallery you might like to look at too.

Last ticket item that I can think of - Tim Holtz's ticket strip. It's a Sizzlets die and the pic shows the die cut embellished. If you purchase it and cut it out youself you'll just get a strip in the cardstock or whatever you've cut. Tim has so much stuff out now - I betcha the Sizzix people are giving themselves the nod for partnering up with him!

So, what do you think? Do you like tickets?

Have a great Monday!



  1. Oooh I'm such a PTI stalker and I really liked the idea of the stamps to fit in the ticket die too! Postage is so expensive that I only order from them every now and then so it will have to wait for now . . .

  2. I know, I'm hearing ya. You gotta order big from them to make it worth it. I've done it before. I like their button packs too. Maybe we should share the postage!


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