13 August 2010

Punch Art Fun - Look in the Book - page 27

Hey there,

I thought I'd continue with Looking in the Book today.

So, page 27 - more Simple Samples although it doesn't say it at the top. It's a carry over from page 26 (didn't really realise that myself 'til just now!).

I'm kinda working from the top of the page to the bottom here. So, at the top there's a few frogs. More than a few actually.

Here we have frogs in a row.

Frogs in a line.

Frogs not in a line!

The lilypads are apples with the stem cut off. The gold is the fabric paint I use on the bears.

Frogs are a good default punch for man cards. And you can throw some cheese in (Hoppy Birthday, Hop you have a nice birthday) for the fellas too.

Ah, more cheese.

Cheese and cows - they kinda relate.

The corner punch used on the red bit there is different to the one in the book. That's fine, of course, you can use any corner. I like that it's on a small bit, rather than on the actual corners of the card. That being said, I don't know what's going on in the right corner of the blue bit there. It's a mystery.

The bear with the stars is the bit that's on page 27. I took him and those stars and surrounded them with other Chrismtas bits for a Christmas card. I also took the Kindy Glitz and got pretty heavy handed with it too as you can see. Regular on the yellow star. Red on the bow tie and the holly berries. I remember that red glitter stage I went through very well.

Kindy Glitz and Stickles are similar, but the Stickles is more glittery. And more expensive.

Another Christmas card from page 27, but this time I added the swirl. Took a bit of doing that - haven't done it since! If I did do it again, I'd use repositional adhesive to stick the tree down, do the black pen and then stick the tree down permanently if the black pen worked. Do you do that too? You learn pretty quickly to do the pen detail first because it's easy to mess up, hey?

The other bits and pieces on page 27 include more smiley faces, a star and an apple with a worm coming out of it. The worm is the Music Note - works well. Good for teacher gifts too.

For our next Look in the Book, we're looking at the Funny Faces. I wonder what samples I have of those?

Bye for now!

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